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I'm just a huge fan

I've been using super Deodorant for a while but after having my last baby I was the stinkiest ever human. I had run out of my super Deodorant and just assumed this was life now because my previous Deodorant wasn't cutting it.

Nope! I reordered and immediately stopped being stinky. Amazing.

This is the only deodorant that I trust to keep me fresh for the day!
Definitely recommend.

This is the only deodorant I've found that works for me. My teen uses it now too. Please don't ever stop making this.

Best stuff out there

I actually will only use this deodorant. Sadly it is expensive and since it is the only deodorant I can use at this time that does not make my skin mad, I will use it for as long as I financially am able to.


works great, only wish it lasted longer and wasn't such a messy application. only deodorant that works this well for me!

Meilleur déodorant naturel!

C'est ce que j'utilise exclusivement depuis avril 2021, et il est juste excellent. Je n'ai plus aucune irritation aux aisselles depuis, et aucune odeur non plus.

It really works!

After trying many brands of natural deodorants and even making some of my own, I was left with nothing but body odour, rashes, and once the armpits of a blue shirt mysteriously being dyed lavender.
After reading many reviews of Super Deodorant, I thought I'd give them a try. SUCCESS AT LAST!!! No armpit smell, no rashes, no shirts changing colour. I can get 3 days of use from one application. This stuff is awesome.

Still works

I've been using super deodorant for a few years now, my favorite part is that it works AND is unscented. However I have noticed some inconsistencies in my last batch being it seems more 'runny' like a little bit of the oil pools in the center. I specifically made my order after summer this year as last year I ordered during summer and the texture does not hold well in the heat through the mail. If it gets too hot and you still try to use it it becomes a bit like glue and feels absolutely disgusting. Otherwise I will continue to use and recommend to everyone. Also cheap delivery is so nice!

Absolutely the best natural deodorant. I've tried so many and none of them performed as promised. SD does. Multiple days without need to reapply. I highly recommend it

Absolutely love this product! No other deodorant works except this.

Good but inconsistent product

After an extended BO issue and lots of research I decided to try Super Deodorant. I got my first tin and was immediately thrilled! The persistent stench - GONE! After polishing off the tin, I didn't hesitate to reorder. But this time the product was very liquid, its spilled out of the side of the tin, and oil kept separating out from the formula. Halfway through the day I was smelling musty. I'm at a bit of a loss because I loved the first batch so much, but this time it's not as potent. Unsure if I will take the risk and reorder again, or start the hunt again for an effective product.

Love love love!

It’s the only thing so far that I have used that does not give me a rash. I have used countless natural deodorants, even mineral spray and those give me rashes. This bad boy lasts all day and I can go two days without my armpit smelling. I need more of this stuff :)

My go-to

I've been using this product for years at this point, and it is still my favourite deodorant I've ever used. It is easy to pack when travelling, easy to store in the bathroom or in an overnight bag, easy to apply, and is a deodorant without adding additional scents that can irritate and overstimulate me. I love that it's Canadian and comes in a more sustainable package. The price HAS doubled, but for how long a tin lasts me and how effective it is, I'll still be buying while I can.

The only deodorant that works and does not give me a rash.

Awesome product

Bought this after trying multiple other natural deodorants. Super deodorant is by far a superior product and does no change my body's ph.

First tin: so far so good

It’s pretty impressive! I’m still at the stage where I need to apply 1-2X daily. But it works! No irritation. No fragrance. Neutralizes odor when present. Will keep going!

Love the Deodorant but...

I literally tell everyone about this deodorant as it's the first one to make me not stinky, it's natural, made in Canada and the packaging is so minimal. BUT the price has doubled in the last year and I'm no longer finding it affordable, even if I buy in bulk.

I love this stuff

I'm not stinky! And my clothes have no residue/marks

superb! super(d)!

Loving this new super deo! I have tried MANY natural varieties and in the process ‘sacrificed’ a lot of money with the fails. I am also extremely sensitive and have had many negative reactions. After a month, I am restocking and (for the first time) actually loving my natural smell… no bad odour here!

This is the one

I've been using this stuff for years now and won't go back to anything else

Love it

The best natural deodorant I have tried. I got a 10 pack this time so I can give some to my family members to try as well.