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New Convert

I will admit I had my doubts, but the word “guarantee” had me intrigued, so I bought a can. When it first arrived, the small sized can worried me… but just a fingertip’s worth has been enough! My only challenge now is to make sure I remember to shower, haha.

Great product!

I have tried so many! This product is exceptional, been recommending it to everyone I know.

Love this deodorant

The best deodorant there is! Not irritating for the skin, and I’ve never had a deodorant work so well. Will definitely buy again.

It works!

I was skeptical but this product actually does what it says it will do. Find myself using less as time goes on as well.

Accurate product description

Delighted that the item description has met all the expectations I had for Super deodorant. The product absolutely does what it says. The only negative angle I could see is the price point. I would like to see more value. Compared to others that offer similar natural traits is on par, I understand value vs quality. You can't cut corners with a quality product, I'm just cheap. But a happy cheap customer. Thank you Super deodorant.

It held up through stress-sweat! Though shipping took a while

Took a little bit to get used to rubbing my deodorant but once I got over that quickly, it's been awesome! My previous fancy cruelty free stick deodorant would foam up and look awkward in the summer, but this one does not. It's not an anti-perspirant, so there is some sweating, but there is ZERO smell. I've been stress-sweating through job interviews but there has been no smell or inconvenience. It's awesome! I'm placing an order to replenish my stock now though since shipping/production took longer than I was expecting (and I was already expecting a long time)

Shockingly effective

It works SO well it will blow your mind. My husband and I are both very active people, and we both also have jobs and lives that require us to not *smell* like active people. This stuff works incredibly well for us both. It's a hot early summer in sweaty Ontario and we don't even need to reapply daily! It works so well it's actually hard to believe. Like, clearly it's possible (I know this now)... so why do other brands suck so much in comparison? What's their excuse?? Not that I've tried them *all* but I certainly won't be bothering with any other brands after buying this stuff! Try it, believe me, you won't regret it. Plus, minimal waste!!

Pleasantly surprised

I have been using this for a couple weeks and am loving the results! I am very sensitive to smells and my skin is reactive. This does not bother me at all and has no smell, and really does prevent odor.

It works!

I am a long time natural deodorant user and many, many, many have missed the mark. This stuff really does work. I don't know that there is something that exists that is 100% perfect, all the time - but for 99% of the time - it keeps me stink free and that's a WIN in my book! Pro tip - applying to freshly clean pits offers the best results.

It Works!

Cuts unwanted odors completely and also reduces moisture levels. Great product!

Not worth the price

It only last the day and the tin can is so small. Not worth it. I was expecting something more effective and a bigger tin can. It's so small!

Hello Karla,

Our claim is 24-hour coverage, and based on your review, it looks like Super Deodorant is already doing its job. We recommend that all new users apply the product daily for the first three months so that they can determine the amount of product required to stop odour for their skin type. Once you figure this out, you won't need much product. Performance will only get better the longer you use it.

Super Deodorant is a very concentrated-dense formula. Don't let the size of the tin discourage you from realizing its full potential.

Have a wonderful day,


Shocked that it works!

I can’t believe that I found a natural deodorant that actually keeps my underarms from smelling for a full 24 hours! What kind of voodoo is this? It took about a week for me to get the results I wanted, but I was persistent and now I can confidently leave the house knowing I will not have to deal with smelly underarms for the whole entire day. Life changing, for real.

When nothing else worked, this stuff is amazing

For the last 3 years I wasn’t able to use any deodorant. I tried all the natural deodorant out there and would always break out in a huge rash. I Decided to give Super Deodorant a try and it works amazing. No rash. Just great.

Great Deodorant

This is a really great deodorant I love the packaging and the shipping was simple and quick. Had really helped me with excessive sweating and I like that it has no fragrant.

This stuff works!

I have struggled my entire life to find a deodorant that will last and keep BO at bay. Over the years I found that aluminum deodorant makes it worse so I switched to aluminum free deodorant only. Unfortunately with that switch came the hard task of finding a deodorant that lasts all day. It’s very embarrassing for me. I’m embarrassed to hug people, wear tank tops, go swimming. It sounds crazy but it’s something that really makes me feel self conscious.
I never know if my deodorant will last all day.
I’ve tried every brand of deodorant out there and this is the ONLY deodorant that is working consistently. Im sure I apply more than others but that’s what I need to make it lasts the day for me.
Even my husband agrees that this deodorant has been working great!!

I actually feel confident enough to wear tank tops now. I also love that I don’t have to worry about stained armpits because I was also embarrassed about that. I previously used charcoal based deodorant and had to worry about my skin looking dark from the deodorant.
I will be a customer for life!

Best natural deodorant

This deodorant is the best natural deodorant I have used. It has caused no irritation and works extremely well. I love all the tips I receive in my email. There is a learning curve and I’m still on my first tin. I’m excited to know it’s going to keep getting better as it’s already better than any deodorant I’ve used.

Finally! It works!

I have tried every and any "natural" deodorant I can get my hands on. Lumi, Hume, Crystal, Curie, Phunk Off etc. Either they didn't work, or they gave me itchy, rashy, and angry armpits.
Most natural deodorants use coconut oil and I am allergic. Plus there is a weird scent it leaves behind on clothing. Also most mask the scent of sweat for a little while, but that doesn't last more than 5 or 6 hours. They all expect you to reapply!
So imagine my shock when I purchased Super Deodorant to try (as a last ditch effort) and it worked!
It's not "pretty" and it doesn't use a fancy pouf. It's not even scented. But it does the job. And does not cause rashes or angry pits. Comes in a convenient little tin and you rub it in like lotion!
Tip: If it doesn't last 24 hours the 1st time, use a little extra the next time. Eventually, you will be able to skip days even after a shower (it lasts that long).

The best, WOW!

I have tried so many natural deodorants, and none of them work full time for me as a woman. Until now! Super Deodorant worked so well!! It truly works until the end of the day with getting that B.O. smell. I'm so thankful to finally find something with good ingredients that actually works. And it's unscented! I have such sensitive skin and can't handle even many natural scents, so this was a relief. Please don't ever change the formula! If you don't change the formula, I will be a customer for life!l time for me as a woman. Until now! Super Deodorant worked so well!! It truly works until the end of the day with getting that B.O. smell. I'm so thankful to finally find something with good ingredients that actually works. And it's unscented! I have such sensitive skin and can't handle even many natural scents, so this was a relief. Please don't ever change the formula! If you don't change the formula, I will be a customer for life!

Actually works!

I was excited to try Super Deodorant (I want to use a natural deodorant, but I’m sensitive to any that use baking soda, so my options are limited), but didn’t know what to expect.

Literally worked amazing from first application! I bought a second tin for my husband, who has struggled to find a natural deodorant that completely eliminates body odor (I’m more of a hippie, and work from home, so didn’t mind a bit of funk — people smell, that’s just how it is, and a slight minimization of the more offensive odors was enough for me). He also works in the medical field so can’t be as free as me. I was curious if Super Deodorant would work for our needs.

When I tell you I smell like NOTHING for sometimes up to 48 hours: believe it!

We have been completely astounded! It works — if you’ve been waiting to try it, just go for it!

Also, been using the tin I bought for at least a month, barely made a dent so far!


Works great! Although I still sweat like crazy, I know it’s not anti perspirant but I wish it was more drying.

Actually Works.

I honestly didn't have high hopes after all the different products I've tried over the years. This actually works. I'm shocked at how well it does its job, and for the length of time before I have to reapply. I'm very lucky that I don't require much at all to mask the odor, so one tin will last me long enough, but even if it didn't I feel it's very much worth the price.

Really works!

I work in construction, out in the heat and then back in the office. I have tried tons of other products, but the ones that kept body odor at bay also caused red rashes...but Super deodorant keeps he odor away permanently and causes no rash. Seriously, I went 3 days without showering (I know, gross)to test it, and after 3 days, still no odor. I just bought 4 more and they are in my freezer now. Make sure you read all the instructions, tips, and tricks.

Super deodorant

This works amazing, just wish it had some sort of scent to it. I feel like I’m applying an industrial lubricant, but by golly it keeps the odor away!


Deodorant works amazing! I wasn’t expecting the tins to be so small though, they are the size of lip tins. It’s hard to gauge how much to use in the tin, I can’t wait for the stick to come out. The product works well and I won’t use anything else. I would love for it to be more cost efficient; I would like to use it on my feet but I would go through the tins too quickly. There’s not a lot of coupon codes either. It’s worth the cost.

Give it time!

I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now. I can honestly skip a day and not notice a smell.