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Best natural deodorant for men and woman
Whole body natural deodorant
Fragrance-free natural deodorant for sensitive skin
Leaping Bunny certified natural deodorant
Vegan natural deodorant Canada
Best natural deodorant for sensitive skin

Fragrance-free whole body natural deodorant for sensitive skin - 25g / 0.8oz

$54.00 CAD Regular price $60.00 CAD




Baking soda-free



Non Staining

Non irritant & hypoallergenic

Active 24-hour+ protection from body odour!

Use Super Deodorant anywhere externally to stop body odour from forming. This includes the armpits, behind the ears, under and around the breasts (bra line), tummy folds, the groin area, gluteal cleft and feet, to name a few.

When used in the groin area, you may apply it on labia majora, the outer lips. Never apply it on the labia minora or inside the vagina, or around the urethra.

Our patrons use Super Deodorant only a few times a week. They call it life-changing! One application can prevent body odour for two to six days, even with daily showers and intense workouts. Our whole-body natural deodorant outperforms any deodorant ever invented - natural, clinical, or otherwise.

  • 24-hour coverage from body odour is our benchmark. Any positive outcome beyond this standard is an added benefit.  No IFs or BUTs.
  • No rashes, bumps or stains.
  • Eczema-friendly and safe for sensitive skin.
  • For underarms, private parts and feet.
  • Safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, men, kids, teens and everyone.
  • Grapeseed oil (non-GMO) : emollient.
  • Soy butter (non-GMO) : emollient.
  • Rice bran wax : holds the formula together.
  • Zinc oxide (non-nano) : prevents irritation.
  • Magnesium hydroxide : adds volume and texture.
  • Arrowroot powder : adds volume and makes the product less greasy.
  • Vitamin-e : prevents rancidity.
  • Pure micronized silver (particle size >100nm) : antimicrobial.

INCI - Vitis vinifera, hydrogenated soybean oil, oryza sativa (rice bran) wax, zinc oxide, magnesium hydroxide, maranta arundinacea root powder, tocopherol, silver.

The oil, wax, and plant butter used in Super Deodorant are non-GMO. They do not contain any impurities or pesticides, even in trace amounts. Our formula is also free of penetration enhancers, so it will not penetrate your skin.

  • Aluminum-free
  • Baking soda-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Coconut-free
  • Protein-free

Super Deodorant is not the prettiest out there, but there is a reason we call it "Super Deodorant."

Super Deodorant is a natural product in a tiny 25g/0.8oz tin. We do not use stabilizers like emulsifiers and viscosity modifiers, meaning nothing in it contributes to a luxurious look or holds the product together. Hence, texture and consistency may vary from batch to batch once it leaves our facility, but the chemistry is constant. This unique property also means Super Deodorant will not cause rashes, burns, or stinging sensations on freshly shaved skin. You will be mind-blown if you can look past the appearance and texture and use the deodorant as recommended.

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Fragrance-free whole body natural deodorant for sensitive skin - 25g / 0.8oz

$54.00 CAD Regular price $60.00 CAD

Be body odour-free at any stage in life, regardless of your activity level.

Supports you unconditionally through menopause, peri-menopause, hot flashes, pregnancy, stress, anxiety, long shift work, backpacking, outdoor adventures, intense training, fire fighting, teen/tween funk.

We are not cocky! We are simply confident in the science!

We all have the same five types of bacteria responsible for body odour. The difference between individuals is the population density of the bacteria and the possibility of an undiagnosed fungal infection. Some have a larger population, while others have less. The key to longer coverage is to find the right serving size of Super Deodorant for your unique skin type and apply it correctly to stop these microorganisms.

The following is the list,
🦠Staphylococcus Epidermidis - Malodour in armpits, the genital area of men and women and body odour in general.
🦠Corynebacterium Xerosis - Malodour in armpits.
🦠Brevibacterium Epidermidis - Malodour in armpits and feet.
🦠Propionibacterium Acnes - Malodour in armpits and feet.
🦠Gardnerella Vaginalis - Female genital area.


What does it smell like?

Super Deodorant is a fragrance-free formula. It is not unscented. Hence, it will smell like its ingredients. Once it goes on your skin, you won't smell anything.

What does it look like?

Super Deodorant comes in a small 25g/0.8oz tinplate canister. The formula is a thick to semi-thick grey paste.

Will it keep me dry?

Super Deodorant is only a deodorant. It will prevent odour from forming even if you sweat profusely, but it won't keep you dry like an antiperspirant.

What is the shelf life?

Six months.

Storage instructions

Please read this - How to extend shelf life?

Always perform a patch test

Before using Super Deodorant on sensitive areas, do a patch test. Apply a dab of Super Deodorant to the inner fold of your elbow and massage the product into your skin until it is barely visible. Wait 48 hours and observe for any discomfort. If you experience any discomfort or adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately. You may be sensitive to an ingredient or a combination of them.

Not getting 24-hour coverage

If you are not getting 24-hour coverage, here is what is happening,

  1. You are not using the right serving size of Super Deodorant to control the bacteria density on your skin.
  2. You are not applying the deodorant correctly.

PS: If you have an undetected fungal infection like Malassezia, you may need a larger serving size of Super Deodorant until the microorganisms come under control.

What is the right serving size?

It's important to note that this product has no standard serving size. The amount you need depends on the bacteria density on your skin. Start with a generous dab, spread it evenly to cover the entire underarm area, and rub it in well. Make sure to massage the product into your skin until it is barely visible.

Watch this video - How to apply Super Deodorant?

Can I use Super Deodorant as soon as I shave my armpits?

Yes, you can use Super Deodorant on your freshly shaved armpits. Our deodorant formula does not sting or burn. It is dermatologist certified as nonirritant and hypollargenic.

I am pregnant, is Super Deodorant safe for me?

Absolutely! Super Deodorant will not interfere with your bodily functions.

I am a nursing mother. Is it safe for me to use Super Deodorant?

Yes! Several nursing mothers around the world use Super Deodorant. Use it confidently.

Is Super Deodorant safe for my teens and pre-teens?

Yes! Many parents buy Super Deodorant for their children.

Do I need to detox my armpits?

No, you don't need anything other than Super Deodorant. Buzzwords such as armpit detox and transition period are pseudo-science. Don't waste your money on detox products. Just apply Super Deodorant to your clean armpits correctly. It will work.

Chemical burns & rashes

Super Deodorant does not disrupt your skin's pH to prevent body odour. This means it is impossible to get a chemical burn from using Super Deodorant.

Rashes may occur if you are sensitive or allergic to an ingredient or combination of ingredients in any product. Skin infections can also lead to rashes.

Skin infections can occur if the skin's acid mantle is compromised. While Super Deodorant will not compromise your skin's acid mantle as it does not affect the pH, excessive exfoliation and daily shaving can contribute to the damage.

Will Super Deodorant stain my clothes?

No, Super Deodorant will never transfer to or stain your clothes. Always apply Super Deodorant to clean, dry skin, never to wet/damp skin.

If you have too much armpit hair or apply the deodorant in excess, you might find mild white streaks on your clothes. If you accidentally use too much deodorant, thoroughly massage it into your skin in a circular motion and give it a minute or two to dry before wearing your shirt.

Are silver & zinc oxide safe?

Silver is a safe antimicrobial agent. Silver forms stable compounds, and its ions are less reactive than other heavy metals such as lead and mercury. As a result, harmful interactions with biological tissues are less likely to occur. Furthermore, the human body has efficient mechanisms to eliminate silver, and it does not tend to accumulate in tissues. Also, it is important to note that the type of silver used in Super Deodorant has a particle size of >100nm, and it will never penetrate the epidermis or get into your body.

In addition to these factors, silver is known for its remarkable antimicrobial properties, which make it ideal for various medical and topical applications. When used in controlled and regulated amounts, silver can be safely incorporated into many products without causing any harm. We strictly adhere to the guidelines established by Health Canada and other governing bodies worldwide to ensure that Super Deodorant is safe and effective.

Argyria happens when you ingest (not topically apply) 4 to 50g of colloidal or ionic silver per pound of body weight. Ingesting anything above this amount will prove to be fatal. We use pure micronized metallic silver in Super Deodorant, which is 100-1000 folds larger in diameter than the nanosilver particles or the nanoparticles from colloidal silver. This feature is a key factor for high safety and biocompatibility. This particle size is too large to penetrate human skin or be inhaled accidentally.

Zinc oxide (zinc in general) is relatively harmless, unlike other metal ions. Toxic effects only occur with high doses, making acute zinc intoxication a rare event. Exposure to such a heavy dose through a deodorant or a topical product is impossible. It is an essential trace metal required for growth.

If you were to swallow Super Deodorant inadvertently, it would pass through the digestive system and be excreted.

I am sensitive to silver. Can I use Super Deodorant?

Silver used in Super Deodorant is 99.9% pure and medical grade. It is very different from the silver alloy used in jewelry making. Silver jewelry contains nickel which is a common allergen.

Please use this information as a guideline and consult your physician to get clarity. Also, perform a patch test before putting our natural deodorant to full use.

Is it aluminum-free?

As the name suggests, Super Deodorant is only a deodorant. Hence, the formula is aluminum-free.

Ingredients - Grape seed oil, soy butter, rice bran wax, zinc oxide, magnesium hydroxide, arrowroot powder, vitamin-E, silver.

Is Super Deodorant baking soda-free?

Yes, Super Deodorant is baking soda-free

Is Super Deodorant coconut-free?

Yes, Super Deodorant is coconut-free.

Refunds & returns

No refunds or returns. Read this for detailed information - Refunds & returns.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3103 reviews
The best deodorant!

When I got pregnant my armpits started smelling so bad. That was 3.5 years ago. I would wash them and literally 2 minutes later I’d be stinking again. So embarrassing. I had tried so many different deodorants that just didn’t work. I even cried. So when I saw the super deodorant ad in instagram and read the ingredients. I had high hopes. And I know Canadians have some great products so I had to give it a shot. My armpit stink is gone after 1st use. I apply it every morning. It’s been a month already. So impressed and thankful.

R. C.
Great product

Great customer service! Can’t wait to try the stick.

Great product, using it on my ASD child

Hi! I am a stay at home mom with kids ranging from the early twenties to an 8yo. I have an 11yo child on the autism spectrum who struggles with sensory issues. One issue we have been struggling with is controlling her BO. I've tried many of the natural deodorants available near us with limited success. I came upon your add on FB, headed to your sight and read all the reviews. I had to give it a try! Even though it shipped out of Canada it arrived to my mailbox here in sunny SE Texas in a timely manner. I used this on my child, after bathing, 5-6 dabs around each armpit and then dabbed in softly. My child was stink free for a good 4 days!! Thank you!! The amount I use every time I have placed it on my child is minimal and I know it will last a long time. Do not be deterred when seeing the tin it comes in!! I am very pleased with this purchase.

Kay Dee
Amazing product

I was skeptical but Super Deodorant is truly super!! The day after it arrived was one of the hottest stickiest days in eastern Ontario ever. And there was no stink! At all! For the first time in a long time no matter what other kinds I tried - I was never stink-free. I biked to work, worked all day, and biked back home and it held up! This stuff is amazing. I never worry about stink anymore.

Lisanne Koral

I've tried several "long-lasting," no aluminum, deodorant options lately, and this one works well for me, with just a tiny application.