"Our Principle - Whether you lead an active lifestyle or have been couch surfing the weekend without a shower, you don't need to stink. Call it serendipity or science, Super Deodorant was developed to stop body odour by using the right natural ingredients, measurements and methods."

Best Natural Deodorant for Women Canada

Super Deodorant is an extremely effective aluminum free natural deodorant you can trust. It dries down quickly and stops body odour for 24-hours without causing armpit rashes or staining your clothes. Our deodorant is Dermatologist tested and certified as safe for sensitive skin. Apply a pea-sized portion to each armpit everyday after a shower and forget about body odour. It's that simple!

Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant that Works

The Science Behind Super Deodorant

Your armpits start to stink when bacteria comes in contact with your sweat. Sweating is not a problem as it is a natural process. Bacteria is the root cause of body odour. Super Deodorant is not an antiperspirant and it does not block your pores or prevent you from sweating. The active ingredients in the deodorant stop the growth of body odour causing bacteria while remaining gentle to your skin. 

Canadian Natural Deodorant - Vegan Deodorant

Powerful Natural Ingredients

Active Ingredients - Zinc Oxide (Non-Nano), Magnesium Hydroxide, Zinc Ricinoleate, Micro Silver.
Base Ingredients - Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Rice-bran Wax, Arrowroot Powder.

❌ Aluminum Free, Baking Soda Free, Essential Oil & Coconut Oil Free

❤️ Cruelty Free & Vegan


It comes in a 1.05oz (30g) reusable, eco-friendly metal canister with paper labels.