"Our Principle - Whether you lead an active lifestyle or have been couch surfing the weekend without a shower, you don't have to stink. Call it serendipity or science, Super Deodorant was developed to stop body odour by using the right natural ingredients, measurements and methods."

Best Natural Deodorant for Women Canada

We formulated Super Deodorant around 2009 for a family member going through chemotherapy in a tropical place. She was allergic to many things including scents and fragrances. It worked so well for her that she casually called it a super deodorant. The adjective stuck around and became our business identity. We retained the spirit and chemistry of the original formulation the way it was in 2009.

By keeping our deodorant scent/fragrance-free, we are making it easily accessible to a wide range of people. Super Deodorant does one thing very well. It takes care of body odour without side effects.

We prioritize your safety and well being. When you buy Super Deodorant be assured that you are not buying someone's underdeveloped science project.