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This product is freaking magic. A few years ago I tried switching to natural deodorant with little success. Tom's smelled great but I didn't after a few hours. Same with Native. Routine (an Alberta company) worked well but left me with a rash. I was beginning to think natural deodorant was for vegans who don't smell bad cause they only eat plants and poop rainbows.

My sister and I gave Super deodorant a shot and it is literally the most amazing thing on the planet. I'm a FedEx courier in Ontario and this stuff gets me through 8-12 hour shifts OUTSIDE in 30-40 degree weather. That's 86-104 for the Americans out there. Holy $h*t. It doesn't leave any residue on my black uniform and I don't have to reapply after the first application.

If you've been looking for a deodorant that works, this is your last stop, I promise.

Buy it confidently!
Best Natural Deodorant for Women and Men
Best natural deodorant for sensitive skin



Super Deodorant is allergenic proteins/peptides-free, phytoestrogen-free, isoflavone-free (does not contain genistein and daidzein).

Super Deodorant is safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, kids, teens and anyone with sensitive skin.

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