Tips and tricks to stop body odour in its track this summer

Best natural deodorant for summer


  • There won't be body odour if enough Super Deodorant is available on live skin.
  • Super Deodorant is a natural product. We don't use stabilizers to hold the product together. Hence texture and consistency may vary from batch to batch, but the chemistry is a constant. 
  • The performance is not influenced by the texture and consistency.
  • If Super Deodorant is applied to wet skin, it may cause stains on clothing. However, these stains can be easily removed through washing.
  • Its performance will be affected when layered with water-based products or products that restrict cationic activity or damp skin.
  • The product will not go rancid in the first six months if it is stored as recommended.

To maximize the benefits of Super Deodorant, follow these steps

  • Take a shower every day, towel dry, and apply Super Deodorant. Note: If you notice that the batch you received is thinner and the performance has decreased, you may be using less product. Apply a slightly larger amount and spread it one inch beyond the hair-bearing area. 
  • For best results, we recommend keeping your hair trimmed or shaved when using Super Deodorant. Although hair does not impact the product's effectiveness when applied correctly to the skin, it can pose a challenge when in a rush. If Super Deodorant is applied to hair and doesn't come into contact with the skin, it may transfer onto clothes.
  • As soon as your product arrives by Canada Post, store it in the freezer for an hour or two before opening. Else the product may spill and make a mess.
  • It is important to never layer Super Deodorant with any water-based product or another deodorant.
  • Mary's email can be helpful for new users who didn't experience 24-hour coverage from the product. An information summary of her email is available here - Tips and tricks.

Tips for long-time users who get 3-6 days of coverage from one application 

Getting coverage that lasts beyond 24 hours is a pleasant surprise, but it ultimately varies according to an individual's lifestyle and other factors such as slow skin cell turnover, new medication, change in diet etc. However, one can handle such situations with a bit of understanding of how the product functions.

Super Deodorant must always be applied to clean dry skin. It will stop body odour until the product applied on DAY 1 attains saturation. Saturation can happen on the very next day or after a few days. Only the individual has control over it. 

I consistently receive 5 days of coverage from a single application throughout the year, with minor blips here and there, where the coverage may stop after 24 hours or slightly short. When this happens, I shave my underarms weekly, exfoliate with a BHA and apply Super Deodorant to clean dry skin once daily for a week or two. Then the long coverage resumes. 

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I have been confused. If I am showering every day and want more than 24 hour coverage, am I supposed to avoid the underarm area when cleaning? What I mean is, is it advisable to wash the product off in the shower everyday? If I do wash it off everyday, will I still eventually be able to go more than 24 hours without re-applying? Thank you :)

Jovy August 18, 2023

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