Deodorant stain prevention and removal - Does Super Deodorant stain clothing?

Deodorant stain removal on clothing

Since January 2020, we have been advertising Super Deodorant with one USP. "24 hour protection from body odour without rashes, bumps or stains." We have discussed rashes and bumps already, and if you are interested or want to revisit these topics, click on the hyperlinks below.

Lumps, bumps and deodorants.

Armpit pimples.

Ingrown hair.

Now coming to the staining part. Super Deodorant does not stain clothing. Staining is not a tiny issue one could overlook. It is an expensive inconvenience. Before launching Super Deodorant as a brand, we consciously fixed this problem many years ago. If you visited our pop-up at Hillsborough farmer's market back in the day, you may have purchased iterations that stained clothing.

We fixed the staining issue by inventing a manufacturing technique that processed the same ingredients differently. Thank you, Physics! This change added more man-hours to our manufacturing process; however, the end result was worth the expense, and this process became a non-negotiable standard. 

We have informed you frequently that Super Deodorant is a natural deodorant made without stabilizers such as emulsifiers and carbomers. The primary purpose of keeping our deodorant this way is to ensure that it can be used by people with extreme skin sensitivities. Because of this very choice, the appearance of Super Deodorant will change from one batch to another depending on the variables like temperature and climate variations in transit. You will have seen every variation if you have bought Super Deodorant from us since early 2020. The white, the grey, the greyish yellow/green, the gritty texture, the putty consistency and/or thin gritty texture. It does not matter in which thickness or colour your Super Deodorant arrives at your doorstep; it will not stain your clothes. 

Super Deodorant may stain clothing, 

  • If you apply the deodorant to wet/damp skin.
  • If your skin cell turnover has slowed down recently, leading to more dead skin cells, which in turn leads to product build-up.
  • If you are not washing every day.
  • If you apply too much product.
  • If you have hairy underarms and are not entirely rubbing in the deodorant trapped in the hair.
  • If you are using a lotion or an emulsified product in the same area where you have applied Super Deodorant.

How you apply Super Deodorant matters.

Do not ever apply Super Deodorant to damp skin, as it will create a mess. The wax present in the product will emulsify and leave a messy mineral film on your skin, which will get easily transferred to clothing. 

Always apply Super Deodorant to clean, dry skin.

How to overcome slow skin cell turnover?

With age and lifestyle changes, your body's ability to exfoliate and clean itself slows. This, in turn, leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells over live skin. If you continue applying Super Deodorant over this layer of dead skin, it won't work to its full potential at stopping body odour, and it will also get transferred to your clothing. Exfoliate your underarms with an AHA or BHA at least twice a month, or shave your underarms. 

How to wash every day?

Showering has a purpose. The purpose of a daily shower is not to wash off the dirt on the skin. Daily showering is not a cleaning ritual. When water is allowed to continuously flow at a particular temperature from the crown of the head to the heel, it creates a positive effect. Learn how to shower properly.

Start small and keep it simple.

If you apply too much Super Deodorant, the excess that your skin cannot hold on to because of over saturation will be transferred to clothing. If you accidentally apply excess product, spread it evenly across the region. 

Do not mix.

Do not mix Super Deodorant with a water-based formulation. Fatty alcohols present in emulsified products may leave colourful rings on your clothing. Ever wondered why your sweat leaves a yellow stain on your white shirts? We will visit this topic soon.

If you are applying Super Deodorant after a shower, pat dry with a clean towel before applying the deodorant, and it will lock in the moisture available on your skin.  

Damage is done already. Now what?

Our manufacturing aprons and coats get heavily soiled with Super Deodorant, and we wash them once a week with a garden variety detergent at a regular wash cycle. They always come out clean. 

If stains on your clothing are stubborn, pre-soaking them will not help. Apply concentrated dish or hand soap directly on the stain, lather well and scrub. Do not dilute the soap.

If you have overcome this problem on your own by developing a new trick or technique, please share it in the comments below so others can benefit. Thank you.

Thanks for reading this post. Here is your coupon to take an extra ten percent off of your order - thanks4reading_stain (Not applicable on the 1 pack). Thanks for your continued support. If you have any questions, leave it as a comment below and we will build content around it.

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