Can deodorants cause swollen lymph nodes?

Can deodorant cause swollen lymph nodes?

Being a natural deodorant company, the most common complaint we receive is "I used your deodorant for two weeks and I have painful lumps/bumps/pimples now. My lymph node is swollen". Do deodorants cause lumps, bumps and pimples? Instead of saying a simple Yes or No, let's find out the truth by understanding the basics of our lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is like a circuit made up of lymph vessels, lymph fluid and lymph nodes. Lymph vessels pick up lymph fluid from tissues and organs and send them to lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are the destroyers of bad stuff. They are made up of white blood cells, also known as immune cells. They filter out damaged cells, foreign substances and germs present in the lymph fluid.

We have many lymph nodes throughout the body. They filter fluids routed by the vessels connected to them. Each one has a name depending on the location. The ones in the armpit are called axillary lymph nodes and there are about 40 in this region. They receive fluid from the breast, thorax, arms and the upper abdominal region.

Armpit lumps are very common and most of them are harmless. Super Deodorant does not contain nanoparticles. It simply clings on to the surface of your skin and fights body odour causing bacteria. As it does not enter your skin, it will not interfere with the inner workings of your body. If you are allergic to any ingredient in the deodorant, you may experience irritation. You can rule out allergic reactions by doing a patch test before putting the deodorant to full use. Apply a pea-sized portion to the inner fold of your elbow and observe for 24-hours. If irritation occurs, stop using it immediately.

Cysts and abscesses under the skin in your armpit can cause painful lumps. The most common reason for this is shaving your armpit too close. The following are some of the most common armpit conditions,

  • Armpit abscess can be caused by staphylococcus infection resulting in pus collecting in the armpit.
  • When hair follicles get infected they could result in painful boils/pimples.
  • Benign lipoma.
  • Allergic or contact dermatitis.
  • Autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis.
  • Ringworm infection.
  • Yeast infection.
  • Red patches caused by Corynebacterium.

Harmless lumps come and go. Swollen lymph nodes are an indication that your body is fighting an infection or illness. The swelling will go away once the job is done. But if the lump or swelling is constantly enlarging and does not move under the skin, seek medical help. Sometimes painless lumps can be dangerous so don't use pain as an indicator. The first step to treating this is not to panic and arrive at a premature conclusion. Consult your doctor and let them guide you. Everything is going to be fine :).



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