How to stop body odour without using deodorant every day?

How to stop body odour without wearing natural deodorant every day
  1. Shave every other week.
  2. Shower daily and apply Super Deodorant within the first 5 minutes for the next 3 months. Rub well and extend the application one inch beyond the hair-bearing area. Learn how to shower properly.
  3. After the 3-month mark, wear Super Deodorant on alternate days and gauge coverage. Get bolder in the following weeks. Most long-term users get 3 to 6 days from one application.

Use less product, buy less deodorant, save more and enjoy life while we take care of body odour.


Love this deodorant. I have used it for years. What does this particular email tell you about the company? What company tells you to stop using their product daily. They have a great product, and they honestly care about us. A WIN-WIN situation for me. Love you guys so much, keep spreading the LOVE

JoAnne February 07, 2023

When I sniff tested myself I thought I had lost my sense of smell. There’s no smell! I have been using this for a year now, and trying to get local stores to stock it.

S February 04, 2023

I will only buy this deodorant ever! It is the best and somedays I don’t need to apply at all. I’ve been using over a year and a half!!

Dawn Penson February 03, 2023

Best deodorant in the world

Barb Humphreys February 03, 2023

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