When cleaning, should you avoid the underarm area to stop body odour beyond 24 hours?

We received this wonderful question as a comment on our previous post- Tips and tricks to stop body odour this summer

Best natural deodorant in the world is super deodorant :)

Super Deodorant prevents body odour from forming by stopping the bacteria responsible for it. Our deodorant exposes the bacteria to cations, which breach their cell wall and incapacitates them. This ionic activity will stop as soon as the product on your skin attains saturation. The length of coverage yielded by one application depends on the product's availability on the skin and how long one can keep the deodorant from attaining saturation.

Should you avoid cleaning the underarm area to stop body odour beyond 24 hours?

You will be able to get coverage beyond 24 hours, even if you were to shower thrice a day. It's important to be gentle with your skin. Scrubbing aggressively will remove the product from your skin. Nobody ever gets that dirty daily. If no Super Deodorant is available on your skin, you will experience body odour. A gentle wash with soap and water once a day is optimal. Also, if you are a new user, please use the deodorant every day for 3 months before skipping days.

Do not layer or mix Super Deodorant with another product -

When you apply Super Deodorant on top of products with emulsifiers such as lotions and body butter, Super Deodorant will easily get washed off in sweat, and you will lose coverage. Always apply Super Deodorant on clean-towelled skin.

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Didn’t I see something about a stick deo in the works? Is that still happening?
Also, I took a different brand of deo along on a trip so I wouldn’t need to put my super deo in my “liquids bag” on the plane…I was running out of room. Big mistake. I had to constantly reapply that deo, because it DID NOT work like Super Deodorant!!

Melissa 26 mars 2024

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