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I've reordered this product because it continues to work so well under all conditions. I'm a year in and it's still awesome!

Super good!

Have been using since January, and I am very pleased with how well it works. 😀

Excellent product

I have been getting the super deodorant for a couple of years now and find it fantastic. It works better than any other product that I've tried. It does take some time to receive the product at times but all in all I enjoy my experience with super deodorant company.


First time I use a deodorant wothout any smell and that is perfectly efficient. I really feel confident when I get out, I don't even need to have another deodorant in my bag "just in case". Really love that product !

Amazing product!!

Love using Super Deodorant. I can feel sure I won't have any body odor for the whole day. It also lasts a long time since the more often you use it, the less your body requires every time you use it.

Very satisfactory

I really love it was my second ordered ,I did order 2 pieces at first and 3 pieces now.
It is really works on me ,just that i still sweating in my underarms

The best

This is one of my first deos that i tried and is the best for sure! Judge me but this last me for 2-4 days without bad odour even if i don’t take a bath. Just follow the instructions well. Never repurchased anything but i will once this is over!! Lasts a long time

Best deodorant, period

The presence of the silver salts makes this deeodorant incredibly powerful, nothing I've tried comes close; I can use less than a pea-size amount of the product, even though I'm a big (6'4") guy every day after shower and I NEVER stink. Considering I wear clothes 5-10 times before I wash, it's amazing they don't smell either.

Super Deodorant

I find the deodorant works well and I really like that it is all natural. I find the little tin can be hard to open as it is small. I think making it twice as deep would be better. It would be helpful to have some kind of applicator as using your fingers requires you to wash your hands, yet again, after applying it.

Great product!

I love this deodorant! It works great! The only downfall is that it’s hard to apply on the go, because it make your fingers dirty when you apply it

Works as promised

Hi, the product itself works as promised, my only issue is that the yellow dye from the tin itself has seeped into the deodorant. I would prefer a twist off cover instead of the pop off lid. Small issue but overall happy with the deodorant itself and will reorder.

Hello Jennifer, thanks for your feedback. The yellow liquid is grapeseed oil and not the paint. It contains all the actives and it is safe to use. The paint on the canister will never chip off or melt.

Works great!

I was a bit skeptical because simple, "natural" deodorants don't work for some people. I bought two since I'm in the US and have to pay relatively high shipping fees, but I really wasn't sure it would work. Fortunately it worked from day one! Even when it was hot and I was basically dripping sweat, I had no odor and did not need to reapply. I'll definitely buy more when I run out!

Only deodorant that worked

It’s pricey, but it works!

I honestly love the product. Works great and I always smell fresh.

A bit different than expected, but works

When I ordered the deodorant I was expecting it to be a thick paste. I was not expecting it to be grey and runny. Even though I was skeptical, I tried it out and I really like it. I have gone through one container now over the course of 3 months and I have been satisfied with the results. If you are skeptical like I was, give it a try you might be surprised.

Better than normal deoderant!

Usually natural deoderants are "good for natural" in comparison but this is just an amazing deoderant overall, even compared to ALL deodorant/antiperspirants Ive used. With all deoderants when it wears off you almost smell worse, but with this you cease to smell at all. For easily 24 hours, sometimes 48 and after that I only mildly smell, not even bad. This stuff is a bloody miracle. We will be taking it with us on our van trip across north and south america, we joke that our trip is sponsored by you guys. No stinky van lifers here!

Works well

Works well. Texture is inconsistent. When it’s oily and runny, it stains clothes. Otherwise, I like it.

It took a while but it worked!

I really wanted this one to work. After trying many, and sticking it out for 3 weeks it finally kicked in:) No irritation like the others, and it has completely removed any odour….and I am pretty sweaty. This is a great product!!


I was hesitant, but it just works. I love this stuff. Have given a bunch to friends and family too.
Only thing I would request is to perhaps at some point introduce 1 or 2 naturally scented versions :)
Been using for a year and will not go back. I ran out at one point and had to use a different store bought natural deodorant and instantly got a rash, and it was the brand I used to use...
I have yet to ever have and BO with this stuff, even after long days gardening or painting...

Best Deodorant ever!

Our whole family has switched to Super Deodorant. It's extremely effective and doesn't leave behind residue like my old drugstore deodorant did. We will never switch back.

This stuff is magic

I found my new favourite

The best.

I’ve tried SO many natural deos and super deodorant is hands down my favourite. It last all day long, sometimes two. And my former old spice devoted partner agrees. Well done!

Doesn't Irritate my Skin

I usually get horrible breakouts from most natural deodorants, and I have been using Super Deodorant for over a year with no issues. And it works!


I’m thoroughly impressed by how well Super Deodorant works. It seemed to start working right away for me and has even been very effective after hard workouts. I’ve only been using a very small amount, too.