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Actually works

I was looking for a more natural, scent-free, deoderant that actually works. This one fit the bill – and I love that it's Canadian-made! I'm very pleased and am about to order more.

Super deodorant experience

So far, my experience using Super deodorant has been very satisfaction. It keeps me fresh with just one use day. My only concern is that the new price hike is too much. It's now actually double the price. I'm not pleased with this very bolduc increase in price.

Awesome product!

Best natural deodorant I have found. Eliminates odor 90%.

Loving it!

A friend recommended this product and I see why! I love the health benefits and effects. I don’t have to use everyday and still smell fresh! I will keep my orders coming!

Works like a charm

No stink, no irritation, and a tiny tin lasts for so long! I'm a believer!


The first deodorant that has ever worked for me. Don't even need to use it daily anymore

It really is super

I have a shoe box full of natural deodorants that claim to do what this stuff does. After years of searching, I am so glad to finally have found this product through a friend!


only deodorant that has worked for a while

Perfect product!!

I am blown away with the quality of this product. Best deodorant ever! I love super deodorant and will be a loyal customer for life! Thank you!

Best deodorant going!

After using many different deodorants, both "natural " and the sport type ones. Super Deodorant has exceeded my expectations. The other types of deodorants would cause skin irritation and essentially mask orders. Super Deodorant has been a pleasure to use.

Best ever!

Was introduced to this deodorant hiking through Peru with friends. Best stuff ever!

I am no longer the smelly kid!!!

My friend recommended this! I always felt like my sweat was very smelly. Like onions or a subway sandwich, but now I can smell as fresh as a daisy for up to three days no problem! It made me self conscious ☹️ now I’m good to go! Thank you!

Best Natural Deodorant

I’ve been using Super Deodorant for more than a year, in my opinion, it is the best natural deodorant, bar none.

I’m so happy to have found a Canadian product that is reasonably priced and works much better than any other product I’ve tried.

Finally! Effective natural deodorant!

This stuff really works. It lasts for days, prevents virtually all smell, and is completely non-irritating. It's 'natural deodorant' but actually effective, and a single tin lasts forever. I'll literally weep if this ever gets discontinued.

The only one that actually works for me!

So I have tried EVERYTHING: regular deodorants, antiperspirants, the cristal type, aluminum-free, natural, you get it.. nothing worked for me! I just always smell like onions, with a hint of flower or fruit... Super deodorant is the only one that has ever worked at stopping that onion smell. I don't even need to re-apply either, lasts the whole day!


I’ve spent a lot of money trying natural deodorants and I keep repurchasing this one cuz it works. It is expensive and it works.

Works great. No issues.

Have been using this for the last few weeks. Effective from day one. No issues at all. This stuff does what they say it does. About to order some more.

Stink Free

This product leaves me smelling like nothing- even after a rough would out there is still no BO smell.

So far so good

Initially I had to apply twice a day but after about a month I was able to reduce to one application a day. Very gentle on the skin. I can apply it directly after shaving with no irritation.

It really works!

I have searched for several years for a deodorant that would work for me and my teen & pre-teen kids. This is the only one that works for all of us and does not cause any skin irritation.
That being said, I do have a few issues. We are black (dark-skinned) so the deodorant makes our armpits look chalky. Also, it's hard to apply for my son who has armpit hair. Apart from those issues, it works very well and we are down to applying once a day and one of my kids can go about 3 days without reapplying.
Thanks for making a great, safe deodorant!

Great Deodorant

Really love this stuff. The only complaint that I have is that it isn't the easiest to apply.not sure how this could be remedied but it's the best stuff. Doesn't make my armpits itchy or creating a rash. The only one that I've not had an issue with over the about 1 year I've been using.

It works!

Bought this as a recommendation from a co worker. Worked the second time I used it and have been using it for about a month. Has no scent. Very interesting product as it doesn't stop you from sweating, but I'm telling you I don't smell at all! Love it

Only deodorant I buy

This stuff honestly just works better than any other deodorant I’ve tried. I’ve been using it for a few years now, I think, and now I just won’t buy anything else. Love that it’s Canadian and has natural, minimal ingredients, too. Seriously just try it, it’s my fav.

It actually works

I’ve tried tons of natural deodorants and I always have to reapply at least 4 times a day. With super deodorant I never have to reapply. I was honestly shocked, it really does last ALL day. I will definitely be a repeat customer.