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Awesome deodorant

I’ve tried two other “natural” deodorants prior to this. Super deodorant is the first to quell the stench!

Finally a natural deoderant that works

I have tried many different brands and styles of products, but have always preferred unscented deoderants. All the natural ones had either strong scents or did not last. Super deoderant actually works, and I never worry about how I smell anymore. It also lasts- the tin looks small but already lasted over a month. Good value and performance. Will buy again or even subscribe.

I forget the smell of my own BO

I waited to review until I had gone through 75% of a tin because I've used deodorants before where I had an allergic reaction after using them for 2-3 weeks. This stuff is seriously amazing, if only because its the first product in a while that I've been able to use without getting a rash in a super sensitive area. I'll definitely be ordering again. I love that there is no scent and the tin is very eco friendly. The only negative comment I can think of is that if you have underarm hair, you have to be careful because this stuff will make it tangle (I've never had that problem before mostly bc my old antiperspirant was a liquid roller application)

Don't even notice it

There's no residue, clothing stains, smell, wetness, rashes, bumps... nothing. It just WORKS.


One of the best natural deodorants I have use before.

Super amazing

I have been so pleased with Super Deodorant, I find it easy to use, no irritation and best of all it works!

I really like this product. It is easy to use, has simple ingredients, and the service was excellent. Staff were quick to respond to a question via email, and were understanding of my needs and questions. I appreciate the research that has gone into putting together a quality product, and I'm excited to use it for many years to come. My best tip for new users is to make sure your hands are clean and dry before applying, and then wash them with some soap and water after applying, as it has the consistency of wet clay. My favourite part of this product is that it is completely unscented - this is great for people like me with sensitivities to perfumes! Simply put - this product works.

I’ve tried them all...

I’ve tried SO MANY natural deodorants it’s ridiculous. I have the sensitivity where I can’t have baking soda in my deodorant or I get extreme severe rashes and inflammation. I have found some of the non baking soda deodorants to work but they don’t last a full day, they wear off after a few hours and I end up stinking again! This is the FIRST deodorant where it doesn’t wear off after hours, I stay fresh the ENTIRE DAY! Just put in my second order and so glad to have found this product. The one con is the tins seem fairly small so I don’t think they last very long... I may be using more than is suggested in order to cover my full underarm but ya it seems to get used up fairly quickly! Otherwise - awesome!

Best deodorant I have come across...

Purchased this after reading other positive reviews, now I’m adding another positive review! Bye bye BO hahaha..for real...I ordered two knowing that if I only got one I would regret it. When they first arrived I thought man this tin is little! Well...a little goes a longgggg way! Im still on the first one and there’s still lots (it’s been about a month now..). If you’re searching for a good deodorant search no more!

By day 3 I was hooked

I was very curious about this stuff. By day 3 I was hooked. Goes on easy and dry. Not wet. Whatever soap or cleanser I use to shower with; that scent stays with me all day. Bought two at once initially. Will definitely purchase again.

Fantastic Deodorant!

Super Deodorant is the bomb!! I have had chemo over the past few years and that crap changed my body odor to absolute awful....I have tried everything out there to no avail...until I received my Super Deodorant, that was a game changer, works like a charm and I don't even have to use it every day, I am using it every other day and it works so well. Well done folks at Super Deodorant!

Excellent product

Works super good. I do smell fresh all day


I confess it makes me feel good to support this company, this product. They make a product that works and they make a product that supports a healthy planet

Don’t think twice - it’s amazing!

The deodorant works - it really, really works! I’m currently a stay-at-home mom of 3 boys under the age of 5, and I’m on the fly from morning till night each and every day! This sh*t works! From the very first day I didn’t smell at all. I’ve been using it for about a month and have nothing but positive things to say! I previously used a different brand of natural deodorant but the baking soda caused a lot of rashing. This is a million times better! My husband was a huge skeptic - but told me he’s on board to switch!!!

If you haven't found something that works - THIS WILL

Bought one to try for my fiancé, she is a nurse and has tried a ton of different deodorants, natural to not and everything in between to stop the funk after a 12 hour shift at the hospital. Nothing seemed to work. Here comes Super Deodorant, although hesitant she tried it for a few days before her next shift at the hospital. Extremely happy to report back that IT WORKED! No smell, no funk. She feels great and I've ordered two more since. Would HIGHLY recommend you try this if you are facing similar issues.

Works very good!

I was surprised at how well it works. I work a physically active job and still works well. I am happy with the purchase.

It simply works

I tried this after my go-to natural deodorant stopped working after 20 years. This is no fuss, no smell, no residue. A little goes a long way. Happy to support a local company, too. Now to get my partner hooked on it....

Best Deodorant EVER!!!!

So like they say You must use for 3 days before you feel and smell the magnificent results. This is by far the best deodorant I have ever used!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I highly recommend and will never have to find another.

Best deodorant ever! (and I've tried them all)

I've been using this deodorant now for over a month and LOVE IT. I'll never go back to anything else.

The first few days I would still smell a bit of BO by the end of the day (but still not as bad as with other deodorants) and now I literally smell nothing. It's AMAZING. Sometimes I don't even wash my armpits every day like you're supposed to, I've just reapplied and STILL no smell (I don't recommend not following the directions, but I'm just saying)

It's honestly, truly, amazing. I've tried every single brand of aluminum free deodorant out there (Native, the crystals, Dove, GreenBeaver, Tom's, Live Clean, Ivory, etc.) and a few hours in I start to smell and need to reapply.

If you're thinking about it, just get it. You won't be sorry.

It works!

I'm so impressed with this deodorant! I've been trying natural deodorants for a few years and this one seriously works. I use it daily and it feels clean and lightweight with zero scent. I was skeptical about how small the container was, but you do not need to use a lot for full coverage. I would not hesitate to restock when I run out.

The best Natural Deodorant!!

This is the best natural deodorant I have ever used!!! It works for literally 24+ hours and during sweaty workouts! It works so well I’m so happy I found this Super Deodorant!!

Good stuff

Best natural deodorant I’ve used. Excited to use it more! Also love it’s a Canadian company

Took a little while to kick in....

Guess I am part of the 1% that the product didn’t work for right away, but after 10 days I am convinced it actually worked. Went for a walk yesterday +20 sunshine and had no odour afterwards! Just bought more! I’ve tried numerous other natural deodorants and none of them worked for more than a couple hours.

Can't believe it is this effective

Honestly was a little skeptical about this deodorant, but decided to try it since it was a Canadian company and reviews were very positive. I am shocked at how well it works. I work in construction and I sweat a lot while I'm working. Body odour has always been an issue and I am so self-conscious of it, also I just hate getting whiffs of it throughout the day. But this deodorant brought that to a full stop. I sweat like normal but the stench is completely gone. Remarkable! I will definitely keep using this product and I hope it continues to be as effective as it has been so far after several weeks of use! The container is smaller than I thought, but it does seem concentrated.

Long lasting to keep you from stinking

After using for a few weeks, I am please with the results of super deodorant to deodorize odours. Its not anti-perspirant but will last all day to keep you from smelling better than other natural deodorants. Not a big fan of applying with my fingers and there is some transfer to clothing.

Thanks a lot for sharing you experience with us Natalie. If it is transferring to your clothes, chances are that there may be too much product in the underarm. Please try reducing the portion and see how you feel.