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Better Than The Strongest Deodorant

I value natural ingredients and the simplicity of its' packaging - just a small tin and the amount lasts many months. Great for travel due to its' compact size, no scent, and a Canadian product!


I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants and this one is, by far, the best I’ve ever tried. Highly recommend!!

Simply the best!

i have been using natural deodorant for over 30 years, this is the ONLY one that i have not had to reapply part way through the day! hands down the best thing! the secret is the silver in it! gets rid of rhw bacteria that causes the smell!

The Best! Great for Sensitive Skin

I've finally found a natural deodorant that actually works and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin! It lasts forever and I've never experienced any b.o. even a full day after applying.

Good for sensitive skin

My skin is exceptionally sensitive and I've had a good deal of difficulty finding a product that works and doesn't iritate my skin over time.

Super Deoderant has been a wonderful solution for me. Personally I find it is most effecting when applied directly after a shower.

I also love the packaging and purchasing from a Canadian company!

Best deodorant

Happy 3rd birthday Super Deodorant!!
And Happy Birthday to me!! My birthday date is also January 15th.🎉 Treated myself to the Big pack!!!

Many more happy returns of the day Sandra :)).

Thanks a lot for your continued support. We look forward to serving you for a long time to come.

The Super Deodorant Team.

It's my best deodorant so far. I've ordered 3 to have spare.
I like the odor I have now. No more unpleasant smell (sweat +perfume or scent : 🦨
but you can still sweat.

so far so good. you have to get used to apply it with fingers though.
highly recommend.

Great Super Deodorant

Fantastic deodorant! I don't smell and I'm healthy avoiding aluminum.
Count be happier with a deodorant. Good job, Super Deodorant!

5 stars

I'm in my 40s, I spent years battling underarm rashes, sensitive underarms, and pretty foul. I casually refer to my underarms as my onions.
I've tried every natural and unnatural type of deodorant/antiperspirant and nothing works as long and as well.
If I use it after bathing, I smell fresh for like 48 hrs ! Unheard of until now.
I'm a lifelong user ❤


I was intimidated at the thought of trying to find a natural deodorant that actually worked for me. My friend recommended Super Deodorant and I switched over, no problems at all. Not only does it work, but the added perk is that I no longer have to deal with the white stains my old deodorant left all over my black shirts...

Great product!

This is my favourite deodorant. It is better than anything I've ever tried (natural or otherwise).

The best deodorant I have ever used

I have tried a lot of brands in my 54 years and Super Deodorant is by far the best out there.

It Works!

It's my first time using this product, after using many natural deodorants that didn't work, I can finally say I've found one that works for more than 24 hrs!

A great natural deodorant in a tiny tin

The Super Deodorant worked from day 1 for me as compared to some reviews. I’ve tried many natural deodorants in the past but I would always feel like I had super sweaty armpits which was very uncomfortable. With the Super Deodorant, I feel dry all day and do not smell. Also, it only take a tiny bit to do the trick. I am totally sold!

This is the One!

I have been using this deodorant for 2 years and I love it. Why? Because it works, good price point, natural product and it’s a Canadian company. Thank you!

Works but not if you sweat too much

It works but.. So for me it works great if I'm not exercising. Everyday casual use it'll do good. I couldn't use other deodorants anymore due to an allergic reaction. I've tried almost every natural deodorant I could fine and none of them helped with body odour besides this one. It won't work if you apply it after you've worked out. It has to be applied before hand to combat B/O. Also, if you tend to react to deodorant, you should be okay if you don't apply too much of this. I applied a bit more than usual one day and had a reaction. I apply a bit less than the recommended pea-sized amount. Even though it's not perfect this product is the best I've tried so far.

Good evening Jonah,

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Happy holidays.


This stuff works

I have struggled with underarm odour the past 2 years. No amount of scrubbing would help. I tried apple cider vinegar, glycolic acid. They would work for a day or two and then the odour would return. This deodorant is the only thing that keeps the odour at bay. I have sensitive skin and stick to natural and fragrance free products and I really like that I'm using something natural on my armpits, especially since common deodorants have been linked to causing cancer. I ran out and tried another natural deodorant and it was awful, did absolutely nothing. I'm sticking to Super Deodorant from now on.


My daughter showed me the product and as soon as i tried it, i loved it! It works perfect for me and i would certainly recommand it. Thank you!

I love your product, the super deodorant. I have always had a problem finding a deodorant capable of avoiding bad odor for many hours. I had used many types of deodorants, even prescribed by my dermatologist but they lasted 6 hours... Plus they made me irritated or itchy. In the last 2 years, I used only baking soda and lemon. But when I discovered your deodorant, it changed my life. Well, I only use it two or three times a week and my armpits are white, soft, smooth and odorless. Thank you

Gym proof

My other deodorant would not last until noon. I tried Super Deodorant, went to the gym even, didn’t reapply and did not stink!!

Absolutely amazing!!

This is hands down, the best deodorant that I have used. I've let two family members try it and they are believers as well. Just try it and I'm sure you'll agree.

Fresh as a daisy

I was introduced to your product and I'm happy to say I won't use anything else now. Works incredibly well so now I have 2 in my fridge so I don't run out. Fabulous, keep it going. It works.
Thanks RP

I've ordered several times

And every time I am reminded how effective this deodorant is. I ran out for a few days and in between didn't use anything and I didn't even BEGIN to smell until the fourth day, and I'm a sweaty person. I've since gifted this to people looking for alternatives to anti perspirant and so far I haven't heard anyone even lukewarm about it - everyone loves it and swears by how effective it is.

Exactly what I was looking for

Works great! All natural, non-irritating, no artificial fragrance, and simply works! Even after 24 hours, no noticable body odor.

Satisfied Customer

I purchased the product for myself bcuz I have removed Deodorant with Aluminum and other items do to health and body interaction. I traveled with my super deodorant to very hot country and it held up for me. I was also comfortable with my preteens girls using it and it works, no musty armpits and no stained shirts.