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Life saver
The best natural deodorant!
Great product
My experience
Fab Natural Deodorant!
Hallelujah! I found it! :)
Great Deodorant!
Super Deodorant For the Win!
Surprised and amazed
A little different and works great!
Great For Sensitive Skin
The Best Deodorant
Actually works!
The best thing that happened to me this year.
Love super deodorant!
Most effective natural deodorant
Best Natural Deodorant
3 days no prob.
Super Deodorant
Hello Joanne, How are you? Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Please continue using the deodorant and you will find a big difference very soon. Also use the base of your index finger to swipe a tiny portion of the deodorant and this will prevent the deodorant from getting under your nails. Trust this helps :).
The best! Hands down!
Love It!
Gentle and effective!