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FINALLY! The one 💓

I’ve been aluminum deoderant free for 15 yrs. I’ve been all natural deoderant for 13 yrs. Most were awful from the go, others gave awful rashes, some worked for a bit then gave a rash, some worked until they didn’t (1 even lasted a couple years). Needless to say when I saw the science behind this I knew I had to try it. Wow! From day 1 I was impressed. The Texas heat isn’t all it was up against. I had a better test & it passed. It not only lasted through a hot HIIT class (soaked is an understatement) & 30 mins in sauna but even after a shower. I’ve lived with the paranoia for so long it felt like a part of me. I can’t explain how relieved I am knowing I’m not the stinky one in class and fretting if I need to reapply mid-day. I can’t quite go 1.5-2 days but I think soon enough I will be able to.


I work doing physical labor, but close to others, as a massage therapist. Obviously, I have to keep body odor to a minimum. I used to just wash out my armpits with soap and water every 3 to 4 hours because I couldn’t find anything that worked. I’ve tried every natural deodorant and this is the only one that does the trick.

Thank you Super team!

Works perfectly

Works much better than other deodorants, including standard drug store versions and other natural versions. I use it every few days and never smell.

Game Changer

I’ve tried a lot of natural deodorants and most of them irritate my skin n burn, don’t really stop sweat and I still have issues however, Super Deodorant is the best thing that I found despite they’re not really being a smell coverage applying it every day right now, but don’t always need to apply it every day. It’s literally the best natural deodorant I’ve ever used.

Working really well

Super deoderant really surprised me! In less than a week, I was able to go form daily applications to every 2-3 days without worrying about odor. Really worthwhile product and I'll be buying more.

Lives up to the hype

It's wild to me that there is truly no smell-- and for so long! My husband has also used it and I'm shocked it works for him, too. Although I haven't gone fully natural (I still use an antiperspirant on really hot/active days) Super Deodorant has put that possibility on the table for me. An unexpected perk is that it's tiny size is more travel friendly than the typical deodorant stick.

My sensitive skin loves it!

I'm very impressed with the Super Deodorant. Right away, it gave me better odor control than any other deodorant I'd tried.. or even my Dove antiperspirant. As I continue to use it (and widen my application area a bit, after watching the video!) it gets even more effective. My hiking shirt gets smelly when I hike, but my skin does NOT!


I am shocked. I’ve never found anything that protects me from my funk the way Super Deodorant has!!! I am thrilled and confident. Thank you SD team!

Full coverage for 72+ hours

I love this product. It is super easy to use and lasts me several days before I need to reapply. I wash everyday and still it covers any odour even with sweaty workouts. I really appreciate that it doesn’t affect my clothing. No more nasty sweat stains! I recommend this product to my friends and family as I want them to enjoy the no hassle application and sustainability of this product. Only having to apply deodorant twice a week is fantastic which means if I forget to bring it somewhere, it’s no problem for a few days. However, it is also very portable which I appreciate when backpacking.


I had my doubts but this WORKS.
I have tried many natural options and this is by far the best!
I can skip two days and have zero body odour.
The only caveat is that it has a low melting point, I keep mine in the fridge.

Super Deodorant is quite super :)

This deodorant has been working well for me! I've been on a deodorant journey for what feels like forever. Aluminum free, all natural, etc. It all eventually irritated my skin and stopped working. This stuff has been working and has been very great for my skin! I will say, I sweat easily, so I'm finding myself applying it around twice a day to keep up. But I really don't mind that, especially knowing that its a lot better for my body/skin than other products I've used. I plan to continue use for a long time!

Great product!

I tried Super Deodorant after my last natural deodorant stopped working for me. This one is great! Application is smooth, it holds up really, really well and it seems to have the added bonus of less armpit hair!


I love this stuff! I was using a different brand of natural deodorant but it always gave me rashes & burned after shaving. This does none of that & I can skip days & still not smell & that’s working 12hr shifts at the hospital. I always recommend this product.

Love it

I tried Super Deodorant because I was looking for something unscented that really worked. I love it. Nice texture, easy to apply, and it works 100%. I use it on my underarms and under my breasts and have had zero issues with odour, even if I bathe on alternate days. Will order again!

Amazing Super Deodorant

Super Deodorant actually works, it's amazingly fragrance free and free of any harsh ingredients. Its simple but it works at preventing body odor. Simply apply a small amount to dry skin after a shower and wait a couple minutes prior to getting dress.
Try it, you'll love it too! 🩷

Not glamorous but it works perfectly

I’ve tried everything out there, on my way to moving to Microbiome friendly deodorants. Those don’t hold up strongly enough just yet, but super deodorant works really well with the minimum number of ingredients. I end up going days in between, and sometimes forget to put it on after I shower because I’ve started keeping it in the fridge, I use it so infrequently. I’m a huge fan.

Works great

Worth the wait—really lives up to the name !


This is my new favorite natural deodorant. No more rashes, no more excessive sweating (I feel like natural deodorants would cause weirdness with my sweating), no more odor and no more stains on my shirts. I have never struggled with B.O., so that may be why this works so well for me. After about a month, I was able to apply every other day. On the weekends, I can stretch it to two days. I only use about a pea size, sometimes on shaved pits, sometimes not. I applied them on freshly shaved pits, and it did not sting or cause irritation. The weirdest part was not having any kind of perfume smell. It really smells like nothing and your pits smell like nothing and that was very bizarre until I got used to it. The tins are small, and I thought I'd be out in 2 weeks, but they actually last me about 3 months. I still sweat, but I don't get those weird excessive sweating bouts that I did with other deodorants. I'll be a customer for life.

It works!!!

I never had a problem with underarm odor until I reached menopause. My usual deodorant just wasn’t working anymore. Tried this and it works!!! Love it!

It’s not a lie.

Super Deodorant is AS ADVERTISED! I am a musician who performs outdoors a lot, and often have to wear the same performance clothes for days in a row. It is embarrassing to put on clothes that smell like arm pits. - Well, that problem has been solved!! I now have to put a reminder on my phone to re-apply Super Deodorant since I go days between applications. Love it! I was a regular LUME user, but their new formulas are too fragrant for me. The scent on this is very subtle. I am giving tins as gifts now.

It works, use it.

I feel like this is one of those buckleys things. It doesn't look great or smell like flowers or perfume, but it works. And man, does it ever work. Just use it. You'll see.

Great deodorant but pricey

I love this deodorant. I am highly allergic to fragrance and essential oils and I have zero reaction to this deodorant. I also have good odor control while using it. I don’t get more than a day like most people say though. I also go through a jar in 2-3 weeks because it is very small and used daily which makes it very pricey to me for deodorant. I would recommend this, but I would love to see a larger container, and wish it was a bit more budget friendly.

The best so far

This is by far the best deodorant I’ve tried so far. And oh man have I tried them all!

It Works

It works, and no irritations like with most natural deodorants.Tin is smaller than I anticipated, but I didn’t look at the size in the description. Not much is needed, so even though it’s tiny, it’s mighty.

New Convert

I will admit I had my doubts, but the word “guarantee” had me intrigued, so I bought a can. When it first arrived, the small sized can worried me… but just a fingertip’s worth has been enough! My only challenge now is to make sure I remember to shower, haha.