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Definitely conquers body odour as promised even with consistent sweating, and I love that it easily washes out of fabric. I recommend. Great job you guys!

Great Stuff

I was a little skeptical when I got my 1st order and saw how small the tins were. It doesn't take much and these tins last at least as long as stick deodorant. I am now into my second tin and have had great results, no BO complaints from anyone and zero adverse reactions to this product.
I was happy to see that there is no plastics used in packaging this product.
Will I continue to use this? Absolutely, I have already ordered 2 more tins.

Excellent product

I am amazed at how well this product works on my more odorous family members. The only issue is the container; on one of them the cap does not come off. Is it possible to use something squeezable?


Finally an amazing deodorant! This stuff works so well - it actually keeps me from smelling all day and it’s all natural. I do still sweat through it but it’s not meant for not sweating, so it does everything I hoped for. Other natural deodorants stopped working after a certain time but this one hasn’t yet - it’s been a few months now. Yay!


As I’ve been approaching 50 I’ve found my regular deodorant wasn’t cutting it anymore. Not even for a few hours. I’ve tried so many different kinds but nothing worked. I was afraid to try natural deodorants but super deodorant came highly recommended and it truly is super!!!

Review of super deodorant

I liked it the only thing i didn't like was opening the can i had some problems

Excellent product

So worth the $- this is the best deodorant out there!

Great product

It totally works as advertised. I've used natural deodorant for years and this deals with even my worst days of sweating (this "lady" sweats like her horses).


I read the other reviews and was skeptical, because I have tried many deodorants that don't work for me, or only work for a bit and then stop. But this really works! It's easy to apply, and doesn't leave a stain on my clothes. It works throughout the day, and makes me feel natural without an artificial smell or thick coating on my armpits. I highly recommend!

Amazing Stuff

This is my 2nd time buying this great deodorant. It reallly works

Best deodorant I’ve ever used

Have been searching for a natural deodorant that actually works for years. Finally found one that was bicarbonate based that did work very well for several months, then stopped working as well (breakthrough smell on hot days) and also caused intermittent rashes & burning. Have been using super deodorant now for almost a year with great results, no skin irritation and no smell ever. Even if I forget a day, still works. Game changer. Even clinical strength regular deodorant/antiperspirants didn’t work for me. This one does not prevent sweating, you will still perspire but no smell. I should also say, I still don’t really love using fingers to apply and the goopy texture but it’s totally worth it.


I have been using Super Deodorant for over a year and am very happy with it. It took some getting used to applying it with your fingers, but after a few times, it’s now easy and effective. You don’t need much so it lasts long time and goes a long way. I don’t sweat too much and it keeps me fresh until the next shower. Also not leaving marks on clothes. 5 stars from me!

It works!

I have been using an anti-perspirant for most of my life. It took some weeks to wean from that, but I can say that this deodorant really works. Absolutely no odor. The tin lasts for 3-4 months easily. I recommend highly.

Love this

Love this, no rash and works!

Only deodorant I will ever use again!

This stuff works amazing! It took about 8 weeks for it to reach its full potential but it was worth the wait. Even in the summer I smell fresh all day.

Actually works

It actually works and leaves no mess

This stuff is amazing…

Like many on this review panel, I’ve tried many natural deodorants. I’ve had pretty good success with them too (Native, Schmidt’s.. to name a few…). So I wasn’t really looking for a new deodorant. But I did need some. So I claimed the coupon and bought a couple tins.

I got the tins and thought “what a rip off. These are tiny”. I was wrong.

They have a super mild “neutral” scent which is great because the scent does not define your aroma or mix with bad odors and create a funky smell.

It just works. I had success right at the first application. I could tell there was a difference almost immediately. (For once it felt like I didn’t have some sort of paste on my skin). I can go two days without needing to reapply. But when you DO need to reapply… just add some more! I think it’s the silver in it that’s working to neutralize bacteria.

Needless to say, I’m in.
A good deodorant is one you don’t notice in feel or smell. This stuff wins on both counts.


I am odourless! Never have I found a deodorant that works so consistently and so well. I use it, and so do both my daughters. Please, never stop making it!

Great product

I first purchased this product to test on myself. Love it … since then I have bought more for myself & gave out a few this year at Xmas as gifts…. It works !!!!

Best Deodorant Ever

I am very happy with this product. It works and doesn’t cause any irritation. I recommend it to as many people as I can!!!


Its really effective. My only issue is that the consistency is different on each container i open. Is that normal?


This is an amazing product! It took about two weeks for my body to adjust and now it works better than antiperspirant!

Best natural deodorant!

I wanted to get away from aluminum in my daily deodorant and tried a few of the other brands, but nothing worked past a couple hours. This one works for a solid 12 -24 hours!

Only one that works!

I've tried all the natural deodorants - this one is the best. 18 months of using it and I won't use anything else!


I have tried many other natural deodorants but this is by far the best ever!