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Honest review

I love this deodorant and have recommended it to many of my friends.

I can't believe how effective this is!

This product is amazing. It does exactly what it says it does. It took about two weeks for it to get to full efficacy and now I use it once daily or even every other day and my underarms smell like... nothing! I have sensitive skin and have gotten painful rashes from other deodorants, but this has caused no problems and I love that it's both fragrance-free and odorless. The tins are so tiny, they are perfect for travel. I'm so glad I found this!

The best ever and I have tried a lot of natural deodorants. This is it for me.

Zero smell - also super gentle

I have tried many natural products and they always have baking soda in them which makes my armpits swell (not thanks to that). Super deodorant never hurts my pits - it goes on smooth and lasts a long time - even in heavy activity. I never smell bad - ever.
I recommend this product

The only all natural deodorant that works!

I sweat like crazy and my skin gets very irritated and rashly from conventional deodorant, even natural brands out there I can’t handle. After looking into super deodorant I decided to give it a try and it works amazingly! I love that I don’t have to worry about me smelling bad anymore. It truly changed my life!

My new favourite deodorant!

I’ve been using natural deodorant for several years and paid a lot for products that weren’t nearly as effective as this! Highly recommend Super Deodorant!

Not inexpensive, but highly effective. Always shipped quickly from a local company the provides great product support.

I Don't Smell Anymore!

I am a stinky person, and have tried all kinds of deodorants, from natural ones to crystals to baking soda in lotion! Super Deodorant is the first product I have found that actually works, but doesn't irritate my skin. I love it!

The only deodorant that works!! Highly recommend for anyone skeptical about this product. Buy two or three, toss the extra in a ziplock bag and put it in your fridge. You’ll thank me later. This is my third order and this stuff lasts a long time.

Works great and no scent, no sensitivity issues!

Very good product. Does what they say it does. I was told that some very small percentage of people need to use it for a while before it starts working at it's full potential. But I've had excellent results from first use. I highly recommend.

WOW! IT WORKS!! Literally nothing else but super toxic, gunky sticks made for teens keeps me from stinking in a few hours. This works on me for like two days, too!

It actually works

Honestly it’s kind of amazing. Like others say, this stuff works. From the first day I put it on I had zero smell … and haven’t since!

I am impressed! I only need a tiny amount and it lasts 24 hrs. I have hyperhidrosis, so I’m a tough customer. I am very happy with this. I have been using it about a week and it beats every aluminum free deodorant I have tried and I have tried MANY.

Works well. Keeps my pits fairly odourless for a few days. Wish it came as a lip balm-size stick though! Rubbing it on with your fingertips is a bit odd and messy. And I think the name and graphics could do with an overhaul to be honest.

Love it! I will never go back to ordinary deodorant

I love this product, won't use anything else

Love it! Best deodorant I’ve ever gotten!

Fragrance-free whole body natural deodorant for sensitive skin - 25g

Helped my armpit rash!

I had developed an armpit rash from a previous deodorant due to sensitivities and I knew from a coworker that Super Deodorant was gentle and super (haha) effective! My rash is almost gone after switching to this deodorant and I’m very grateful for this company. :)

Super Deodorant

I have been using this deodorant for many years and find it very effective especially in controlling odour (completely).
I came back to super deodorant after trying a different brand which was not as good.


I will never use another deodorant again, I’ve never smelled since switching to Super Deodorant. One application in the morning lasts me all day! Looking forward to having it one day come out in stick form (if possible).