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Works great for me.

I had already been using natural deodorants for years but I had never found one that consistently worked. Super Deodorant has been overall working for me when I use the directed amount. I tried using a bit less to save on product but I found it wasn't as effective for as long. When I use the directed amount, it keeps the stink away all day. Even during the super hot summer days in the Okanagan under the "heat dome" it held up. Thanks!

It actually works

I’m a believer. Buy it and don’t look back. Never buying normal deodorant / antiperspirant again.

Natural deodorant that works!

Works exactly as promised. If I'm not sweating a lot it can last 2 or 3 days if I haven't showered.

No more stinky pits

I have been using super deodorant for more than 6 months now and I love it. It really does work. I can come in from outdoors on a 30c degree day and no stinky pits. Super impressive super deodorant.

Incredible Deodorant and Customer Service

I can't even begin to count the amount of different deodorants and antiperspirants I have tried. I've tried everything from regular, to natural, even tried men's and nothing worked. If it stopped the odor, it seemed to cause rashes.. or if it didn't affect my skin, then it didn't work and I stunk and/or had to reapply constantly.

I've used about half of my Super Deodorant tin so far and I absolutely love it. It worked from day one for me, not quite 100% at the beginning but close enough that nobody else could smell me. I followed their instructions and guidance and it's gotten better with every use. I shower at night, apply, go to bed, go to work the next day and then gym in the evening without having to reapply!! It is worth it!

I also love that I can shave and immediately apply the deodorant.. there has been other natural deodorants that would sting even a day or two after shaving. No pain with Super Deodorant.

Lastly, their customer service is second to none. Amazing company and product.

Never buying anything else

I’ll keep it short: this is the best odour blocking deodorant I’ve ever used. Since having my son by BO has changed for the worse. I’m grateful to have given this product a chance (I rarely ever purchase online). This is one of my top 3 recommendable products.

So Amazing!

I love love love Super Deodorant! I had instant results right from the start (didn’t even have to reapply multiple times in the 24 hour period). I now recommend this product to everyone I know!!

Love this Deodorant

I have tried it all and nothing compares to this product. I love it. Used to get rashes from other products, no more since using super deodorant. No smell, no deodorant marks. I am hooked!!!


Finally a natural deodorant that really works!

Works perfect!

The product works better than any other I have tried, natural or regular. Nothing fancy, just swipe a light amount on and that’s it. I didn’t have any trouble from the start but if you do, body scrub the area and keep persevering like they ask you to.

Really Great Product!

I’ve tried many other deodorants on the market and this one is really exceptional.

Works as Promised

Super Deodorant works well. Did not have any problems adjusting my body to using it. So far no odour and that is what I want.

It Really Works

I was looking into changing my deodorant as it’s no longer working for me. I tried different brands but all end up not working after a few weeks. I read the reviews for this and thought to give it a try and I was amazed at how good it worked. I do not smell any odour at all compared to using deodorants. Definitely 5 stars is the rating for this. It’s made in Canada too so that’s a plus.

Love it!

Works perfectly!!

Best deodorant ever

First of all, thank you 🙏🏼
This is by far the best deodorant ever
And trust me, I’ve tried them all
From the most expensive to the cheapest, home made,100% natural you name it.
My new super deodorant ♥️ Is by far the best ever, from the first time I used it.🥰 I love it and love the fact that is a Canadian product from beautiful New Brunswick ♥️
This is from now on my only deodorant 🤗thank you for creating this magical product that took away this stinking problem that I have been fitting for years. I can take my walks every day without worries ♥️Thank you so much

It works!

I’ve tried many natural deodorant to avoid harsh chemicals but have found they don’t work well. This works! No smell! No skin irritation and happy to be avoiding harsh chemicals. also happy to support a Canadian company.

Super Deoderant really IS THAT GIRL!

My deodorant journey is a long, sweaty and stinky one. I've been trying to switch to natural deodorants for about 8 years - either they make the smell worse or the baking soda ones work, but give me a rash. I tried Super Deodorant after my friend recommended and on day one I had zero smell! I no longer have to wash an otherwise clean t-shirt after just one wear because of pit smell. It's truly incredible, this is my deodorant forever going forward. It's not an anti-perspirant so there is still sweat but I do not care since I now smell like a little angel. I also love that it's made in Canada, has natural ingredients and comes in a little tin instead of a plastic container that gets thrown out. One million stars for SD!


So far so good….on my first tin and it has been working as claimed. I don’t need to use everyday even with the hot humid weather.

Best Natural Deodorant

Super Deodorant is the absolute best natural deodorant I have ever used!
expensive though - the only reason for for not giving a 5 star review.

Seems to work

I’ve tried it for a couple of weeks now and it does work for me. My only concern is the size of the tin for the price you pay.

Works great!

I have tried everything! I’m not sure if this a common condition, but I am (was) prone to clogged sweat glands. But not any more; thanks to Super Deodarant I’m having a stress free summer 😊😊

Really great!

I'm very happy with this deodorant! I've been using it everyday since I got it (a month now, I think), and it works great. I definitely still sweat, but there is NO smell. All I get is the nice sort of clay smell of the deodorant. I do wish the tin was a bit bigger for the cost, but maybe that will change with more production. Either way, I like it.
Oh and it doesn't irritate my skin like other natural deodorants with baking soda in it

Pretty good product

This product works great . . . . No body odor at all.
The one downfall - it does leave white residue on clothing

Effective and no rash

I have been using your product for almost two months now and I find it very effective. But, the biggest advantage to me is it doesn’t cause a rash! I also love that it comes in a tin and is made in Canada. Thank you for such a great product.