Natural deodorant with free shipping


Canada-wide Free shipping was retired at 12:25pm ADT on June 13, 2024.

Our eagerness to deliver your order on time safely will beat your eagerness to receiving it.

When you opt for free shipping, we are just as eager as you are to receiving the product. It is not a cliché and here is why,

About 90% of our new customers order 1 pack or 2 pack with free shipping. The money we spend to acquire you as a new customer is equal to the money you paid to purchase Super Deodorant. Yes, that's our problem and we are handling it practically.

Free shipping is not built into the product price. We pay for it.

If your order does not reach you ever, you don't get the chance to experience our natural deodorant. Along with it ends the chances of you returning. 

All the effort we invest in serving you becomes rewarding only when you like our deodorant and return to purchase a few more times. 

How does free shipping work? 

Basic tracked shipping in Canada costs between $11 to $25. It is more expensive than our product and we can never afford it. Hence the only choice left to us is the economy option offered by Canada Post, the Lettermail™. If you are wondering why our tins are so flat and compact, this is why. They must not exceed the girth of a 250-page book. While it is affordable and reliable. it does not come with bells and whistles such as tracking and ETA (estimated time of arrival). 

Lettermail™ dispatches within Canada reach in 5-60 business days after dispatch. These are rough estimates offered by Canada Post and they are NOT A GUARANTEE. 

What causes the delay? 

We take 7-10 business days to process and dispatch your order. We are a very small team and this processing time is a must to dispatch your order properly. We strictly dispatch Lettermail™ shipments only between Monday - Wednesday. We do this to ensure that your order gets the best possible attention at Canada Post's distribution facility.

Once your order reaches their distribution hub, tracked shipments will be prioritized over economy shipments and only when the tracked ones are cleared off will they attend to the rest.

The following is the journey your order takes when you opt for free shipping,

  • Step 1 - We dispatch your orders from Dieppe, New Brunswick. This process takes 7-10 business days. 
  • Step 2 - Your order gets processed at Canada Post's distribution hub in Dieppe and sent to the Halifax distribution hub. This process could take 3-15 business days. If it happens in 1 day, it increases your chances of faster delivery.
  • Step 3 - Maritime orders are sent to their respective dispatch centers. 
  • Step 4 - Others are sent to Ontario via Quebec. From Ontario, they travel to their respective dispatch centers in your respective province. Sometimes BC orders are put on a flight directly from Halifax and this expedites delivery.  The whole process could take 1-60 business days and on rare occasions 4-6 months.

At every stop, there could be an unexpected workload that could slow down the process but most of our Lettermail™ dispatches reach within 5-20 business days.

What to do when your order is not delivered in 20 business days? 

You, us, Canada Post, none of us can do anything to expedite it or track it. You will have to wait for as long as it takes. This is where people usually get angry and give us an earful. Don't be that person.

What's the best solution? 

If you are impatient like our Joan or want the product within a particular date, please opt for tracked shipping. We have negotiated deep discounts with our carriers. On good days you could get tracked shipments to Ontario or Quebec for as cheap as $13.

Checklist for successful free shipping 

  • Please place your order well in advance.
  • Please enter your shipping address as it appears on Canada Post's address finder. We send several emails every day requesting the correct address. This delays processing other orders.
  • Lettermail™ cannot be safe dropped. If you have porch pirates in your area, please avoid using this service.
  • Please don't get annoyed by the frequency of emails and unsubscribe from our newsletter in the first 2 months. We use our email series to provide you information to get the best out of your purchase.
  • Please don't email us asking for the whereabouts of your untracked order. We also won't know and our reply will relay the same information available here. We are a very small team and replying to these emails is very time consuming. This delays processing other orders.
  • Please be patient and have faith in Canada Post and Super Deodorant.

A benefit such as free shipping will continue to exist only when everyone involved understands and respects the process. Please support us in keeping it alive. Thank you!