The bacteria responsible for body odour are also responsible for maintaining healthy skin. Super Deodorant stops body odour without eradicating these microorganisms. When you use it for a few months, you will forget how body odour once felt or smelt, but it's a good thing if you catch a whiff towards the end of the day once in a while. It is an indication that your skin is in top form.

Please follow the tips and tricks below if,

  • You are a new user and you don't get 24-hour coverage.
  • You have been using Super Deodorant for many months and suddenly caught a whiff of that long-forgotten smell towards the end of the day.
  • You are simply interested in keeping your underarm skin in top form.

If you are not getting 24-hour coverage from Super Deodorant, it indicates that the amount of product you applied has attained saturation and more product is needed. The following are the main reasons your Super Deodorant may attain saturation within 24 hours.

Some people have more bacteria on their skin than others and need more Super Deodorant to stop the bacteria, or they have slow skin cell turnover. Cysteine, an amino acid present in dead skin cells, conflicts with an active ingredient in Super Deodorant and it can be fixed through exfoliation.

Tips and tricks to improve performance

  1. Shave your underarm hair until it starts working as per our 24-hour claim.
  2. Gently exfoliate your underarms using an AHA, BHA or PHA-based peel once or twice a month (reduce the frequency as the performance improves. Don't exfoliate more than thrice as over-exfoliation could lead to other complications). It has nothing to do with personal hygiene. Dead skin cells contain protein, making the actives in the deodorant inert and bacteria love to feed on them. While the skin will exfoliate itself every 30 days or so, some dead skin cells mixed with environmental pollutants and lint will refuse to shed naturally. This will create a barrier between your skin and the deodorant. If you were to use an AHA, BHA or PHA peel to exfoliate, don't forget to wear sunscreen when going sleeveless. If you don't have access to an acid peel, simply shave using a sharp blade and shaving cream.
  3. Apply the deodorant once in the morning, once during lunch and once before going to bed (reduce the frequency as performance improves). Do not sponge or wash your underarms when you reapply. Let's say you shower/wash at 10 pm tonight, you don't have to wash again until your next shower. Simply reapply on top. Don't apply too much product. Just a dab or two is good enough to cover the underarm one to two inches beyond the hair-bearing area.
  4. At the end of the day check if body odour is coming from your skin or the shirt (some fabrics will trap sweat). If it is coming from the fabric, your deodorant is working fine. 

This post is dynamic and will be updated frequently.