Armpit Detox Before Natural Deodorant?

Before switching to a natural deodorant, have you ever considered buying a detox mask to remove toxins from your armpits? or wanted to make one yourself with some fancy clay, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, etc?

Read on, if your answer is yes. This could save you some money and effort.

Your skin can clean itself inside-out and capable of protecting itself from disease-causing germs. Yes, that's the truth.

❤️ It can clean itself at a cellular level with the help of healthy lymphatic flow. When the lymphatic system works well, the skin appears smooth and free of inflammation.

❤️ It also exfoliates itself when you sleep at night.

❤️ It performs deep pore cleaning when you sweat. Say yes to sweating, because when you sweat, dead skin and dirt get pushed out keeping the pores clean.

Continued use of detox masks and baking soda will damage the acid mantle and lipid barrier of your skin. The acid mantle is a combination of sweat and sebum. It must be intact to maintain a healthy pH balance. When it is breached you get skin problems like rashes and bumps.

If you maintain decent personal hygiene and interfere less with its basic functions, your skin will remain healthy. If you have switched to a natural deodorant, all you need is that deodorant and nothing else. Either it will work or it won't. If it works, great. If not, you have Super Deodorant :).


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