How to get the best results out of your Super Deodorant?

How to get best results out of natural deodorant

Super Deodorant was invented for a family member. Fragile health and limited mobility made it inconvenient and impractical to shave the underarms, wash the underarms and change her blouse twice or thrice a day. The expectation from the deodorant was straightforward, "The deodorant must work for her and not the other way around". If it doesn't solve the problem right out of the container, it is useless.

If the deodorant were to offer all-day protection, the deodorant must stick to her skin and remain there all day without getting washed away or transferred to clothing.

We got the application technique right after trial and error and the rest is history.

Here are some tips and tricks you could follow to get the best performance out of your Super Deodorant.

It's the hair!

Shaving or trimming your underarm is a personal choice. Nevertheless, Super Deodorant will work if you use it properly. The deodorant must stick to your skin and remain there for it to work. If you have hairy underarms, you will need a little extra product. Apply a pea-sized portion of Super Deodorant in a circular motion for 30 seconds first. Then give it a good sweeping rub, left and right.  Make sure the product is on the skin and not just the hair. Your entire underarm must be covered by the product. Hair is porous just like a paintbrush. It will trap the product and will transfer it to your shirt. The deodorant must be on the skin for it to work. If you work in a busy kitchen or a hospital or at a construction site, you will get better value for your money if you keep your underarm tidy. It's fine if you don't want to trim or shave, just apply the deodorant properly.

The fabric did it!

Underarm sweat easily gets transferred to clothes. Not all fabrics are created alike. Some release moisture quickly to evaporate while others trap it. When the latter happens, you don't have any deodorant on your shirt to stop the bacteria. Remove your shirt and smell your naked underarm, there won't be body odour or it will go away in less than 5 minutes. If you sweat heavily, wear shirts in the breathability gram range of 10,000 to 15,000.

Fabric such as polyester and spandex breathe poorly and will make you smell worse. Of late textile manufacturers have started infusing silver nanoparticles into the fabric but this not very friendly to the environment.

Blow drying, eh!

Please stop blow-drying your underarms. An important ingredient in Super Deodorant is sensitive to heat. If you blow-dry your underarm, it will become inert. Also, your underarms will become dry and itchy. We don't want that, you don't want that, nobody wants that.

PS - We know that Super Deodorant is not the most professional-looking product by any standard. Sometimes it is creamy and sometimes it is thin and powdery. None of this will affect the performance of the product negatively. Changing the formula from one batch to another requires a lot of R&D and investment. We can't afford that. Super Deodorant is a natural product and it is behaving true to its nature depending on the environmental conditions. We don't add stabilizers and additives to enhance the look and feel. It's easy to make it look more presentable and pretty but by doing so, we will stop being a natural deodorant company.



Picture this: Summertime 2021 in NB, in the midst of 38 degree sun and humidity, 20 minutes before attending a big family party, my deodorant decides to just quit. My sister steps in and excidedly exclaims: OMG! You HAVE to try my Super Deodorant! (we were both genetically blessed with b.o which we refer to as “the family stinky pits disease”)

I was skeptical to say the least, as i’ve tried nearly every brand of natural deodorant on the market. (I’m talking Green beaver, NoPong, Tom’s, Native, Schmidt’s, Live Clean, Crystal…none of them got the job done) To my surprise and delight, not only did this amazing paste relieve the sweat from my armpits and keep it at bay for the rest of the day, it actually neutralized the odor that had already formed on my body AND my clothes. Absolutely no odor, no stickiness and most importantly, no chemicals. I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that it has to be pure sorcery! Regardless of the magic that goes into this little tin, I was sold on the first try and now i’m obsessed! Thank you Super deodorant!!

Angela September 20, 2021

Thank God for Facebook targeted ads! I am not a fan of big brother tech overlooking everything I do, but in this occasion it was a God send! Ever since I was a teen I needed extra strength deodorants because my smell was so bad. I remember dreading putting on those medicated deodorants because they made my underarms sting so bad, but I did it anyway because it was the only thing to give me a few days of no smell! As an adult and learning about the harmful contents of normal deodorants, I tried switching to natural ones, but without success. My latest try was Native, and I had a bit of success there, but my body eventually figured out how to beat it, and I was just dreading having to go on the search for a new one when I found your ad. Read your webpage, ordered it and for the last 3 days, I am smell free after one application in the morning! Thank you! Stay humble and true, you have faithful followers! Me, being one of the latest. I am definitely sharing with all my family and friends.

Julie Monegro-Lombard May 16, 2021

I love your product, I just want to thank you! I’ve tried many natural type deodorants and they either didn’t work or when they did, I eventually had reactions to them(baking soda and awful lumps 😖) I’m on my third container now and haven’t looked back. Im a nurse and recommend your product to a lot of oncology patients as well, as I feel confident in doing so. Thank you for remaining true to your original product and goal, and sharing your awesome formula with the masses!

Leesa Streeter March 07, 2021

Just love super deodorant. I thought I would never find a natural deodorant that keeps me fresh and odor free until I found Super. I am recommending that everyone give it a try. Been using it since last year August. And by the way, 1 tin lasts me a long, long time. Don’t let the size scare you.😁

Joy February 19, 2021

Just love super deodorant. I thought I would never find a natural deodorant that keeps me fresh and odor free until I found Super. I am recommending that everyone give it a try. Been using it since last year August. And by the way, 1 tin lasts me a long, long time. Don’t let the size scare you.😁

Joy December 25, 2021

I have tried so many natural deodorants on my sensitive skin and they either didn’t work or gave me a rash. Super Deodorant works so good. No rash, no odor. Bonus that it is a local product!

Denise January 31, 2021

I love this product and love the fact you are so honest and humble. Don’t make it fancy or try to keep up with other brands. Super Deodorant is perfect the way it is. I tried several deodorants before, and this is by far the best one I’ve used. You have plenty of fans, be sure of it!

Juliana Durso January 30, 2021

LOVE this product just the way it is!! If you fancy it up or change it in anyway, I will cry! It WORKS. I bought it because it was natural, unscented and not packaged in plastic. It is everything I ever wanted in a deodorant.

Adrienne January 30, 2021

Those of us who are well endowed in the chest area are prone to having heat rashes and yeast infections under breasts. I apply your super deodorant under each and haven’t had the problem since . Thank you !!!!!

Debbie Curran January 30, 2021

I just started using this. Ok during covid I don’t shower every day. I’m at home nowhere to go. This deodorant lady’s two days. Probably more but I can’t find out. Lol. I’m in menopause so lots of sweat in the chest area. I’m using it on my chest and it works.

Lori January 29, 2021

I have been using your product for a number of months and love it. Please don’t change a thing!! I exercise 6 out of 7 days and I wouldn’t use any other deodorant.

Kindest regards and a big congratulations on a wonderful product

Barbara Neil

Barbara A Neil January 29, 2021

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