Perimenopause and body odour

Prevent body odour during perimenopause

Perimenopause is the time leading to menopause where the body makes a natural transition, marking the end of reproductive years. For most women, this transition starts sometime in their 40s but for some, it starts in their mid-30s. During this time, most women experience a significant change in body odour caused by excessive sweating and change in pH in the vaginal region. Excessive sweating and hot flashes are some of the most common symptoms. Though the reasons are not very clear, researchers suggest that uneven rise and fall of estrogen levels could make the body more sensitive to even minor changes in body temperature.

When there is excessive sweat, you will obviously stink more. pH change in the vaginal region increases the population of malodour causing bacteria leading to increased body odour. Your heightened sense of smell will also make you believe that your body odour is getting worse.

Now the question is, can you prevent body odour during perimenopause? Yes, you can. These happenings are a part and parcel of growing more wise and experienced. Don't be bogged down or alarmed by this natural process. Go about your day, eat a balanced diet, keep yourself well hydrated, enjoy your wine, take a nice shower every day and do the most important thing of all, use Super Deodorant once every day. You will be better than just fine.

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