How to improve performance of your natural deodorant?


Best natural deodorant Canada - Improve performance of natural deodorant

Though natural deodorants and traditional deodorants use different ingredients, their approach is pretty much the same at stopping body odour.

Deodorants stop body odour either by changing the skin's pH, making it too acidic or basic or using a combination of ingredients that create an antibacterial effect. Super Deodorant is a natural deodorant that employs the latter to get the job done.

Deodorant fatigue

For Super Deodorant to work to its full potential, it must sit on live skin. As long as your skin exfoliates itself naturally, the way it should, your Super Deodorant will be giving you the desired 24-hour coverage from body odour. If your underarms fail the sniff test prematurely, you are experiencing deodorant fatigue. Yes, deodorant fatigue is a thing.

Deodorant fatigue could happen to anyone, any time! The only way to prevent it while using Super Deodorant is to make sure that your underarms don't have a buildup of dead skin cells and/or a mixture of dead skin cells combined with the product from previous applications.

When the deodorant sits on the dead skin cells instead of living skin, the actives in the deodorant will reach equilibrium quickly and wear off, resulting in body odour. For a detailed explanation on this subject, read adjusting to natural deodorant.

The skin's ability to exfoliate itself effectively could change because of several factors such as age, diet, medication and other lifestyle choices. If you encounter deodorant fatigue often, consider exfoliating your underarms once or twice a month. Besides allowing your natural deodorant to do its job perfectly, exfoliation will also help unclog pores, prevent ingrown hairs, bumps and pimples, improve skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation.

How to exfoliate your underarms?

Avoid physical exfoliants such as scrubs, brushes and tools as they increase the chances of over-exfoliation leading to injury. Injuries heal with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is another headache.

Use an acid peel instead. An acid peel will exfoliate the skin by dissolving the barrier formed by dead skin cells and other impurities to reveal the new skin underneath.

How to choose an acid peel?

If you have sensitive skin choose an AHA peel containing mandelic acid or glycolic acid. If you have very sensitive skin choose a PHA peel. If your skin can handle anything go with a BHA peel. BHAs have a smaller molecular structure and will penetrate deeper quickly. Whereas PHA has a larger molecular structure as compared to an AHA or a BHA and won't penetrate as deeply hence making it an ideal choice for extremely sensitive skin types. Read the instructions on the product box carefully and use the product as suggested. Do not exfoliate too frequently as over-exfoliation could lead to other irritations and discomforts. Once or twice a month should yield good results.

Exfoliating the skin is not mandatory. However, if your skin cell turnover slows down and you are forced to reapply your deodorant twice or thrice a day, exfoliating your skin becomes a smarter, more convenient option.


I agree with Jen in that I wish you recommended some specific acid peel products. Is this something that I have to order online? Or am I likely to find it at my local pharmacy? How do I select a “good” one? I love Super Deodorant and would really appreciate more guidance on this topic. Thanks for all you do!

Sarah July 15, 2022

AHA, PHA & BHA peels. It would be awesome if you had a link for each category to a list of recommended products… I have a full time job, kids, a dog and a husband – I wish I had the bandwidth for all of the things I’m interested in but I don’t.

A couple of weeks ago I did look into peels based on the content of this page and the price ranges and unimpressive results when searching for AHA & PHA specifically was disappointing. It’s not easy to find trusted sources for this sort of product recommendation, your team does such a wonderful job of sharing the background on the deodorant alone I would be inclined to consider the products you ‘like’.

Just sharing – your team is doing a lot and every fact that you share is appreciated. Would love to be able to extend the benefit of your teams experiences into other parts of my self care routine.

Thanks for all you do! Jen

Jen March 28, 2022

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