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What causes body odour? Let's look beyond bacteria & sweat glands.

What causes body odour? how to stop body odour with natural deodorant?

Have you heard of ABCC11? No! it is not the name of a billionaire's baby number two. ABCC11 is a gene. If you carry this gene, you will have dry ear wax and you won't need deodorant. If you don't have this gene, you definitely need deodorant. No amount of showering or clean eating is going to circumvent deodorant.

The chemistry of sweat

We have two types of sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine is present all over the body. It produces non-stinky sweat made of salt and water. The secretions of the apocrine gland are nutrient-rich as they are fats and proteins. When a particular type of bacteria breaks them down, it results in body odour. Apocrine glands are present in the armpits, areola, nipples, ear canal and groin.

The strength of body odour

The severity of body odour depends on the nature of the microbes in the regions where apocrine glands are present and the nutrients secreted by them. A gene like ABCC11 determines the composition of compounds in apocrine sweat and their quantity. Hence we all smell very differently, as microbial concentration and composition vary between individuals.

Purpose of body odour

Research and studies have been performed on this subject. As of this moment, what is known to us is a drop and the unknown remains an ocean. The purpose of body odour continues to remain a mystery.

What's the solution to body odour?

There is no permanent solution to body odour. We just have to deal with it by maintaining basic personal hygiene. Wash once every day and apply a deodorant that works for you. It's not a bad idea to exfoliate once in a while if your skin cell turnover slows down with age or lifestyle changes. If you want to know why and how to exfoliate, go here.

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