What makes Super Deodorant an extremely effective natural deodorant that works?

Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant that Works

Our "24-hour body odour protection" claim may appear ludicrous if you have not used our natural deodorant. If you have used Super Deodorant, you know it does the job without causing any side effects such as armpits rashes or bumps.

Have you ever wondered how it does what it does so well? Let's show you how it works.

Super Deodorant contains four active ingredients and four base ingredients. One of the active ingredients has anti-microbial properties and its main job is to put body odour causing bacteria to sleep. Now the sleeping bacteria become a sponge and put the newer bacteria that come in contact with it to sleep. This process goes on all day.

The base ingredients anchor the active ingredients to the skin and prevent them from getting washed away in sweat. All this happens without altering the true acidic nature of your skin. It's that simple!

We worked hard for three years to get these two things right. These two factors work hand in hand to make Super Deodorant an extremely effective natural deodorant that works for you all day.

Making body odour a distant memory!

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