Why doesn't Super Deodorant work on day one for some people?

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We claim that Super Deodorant will work from day one for most people but for some, it will take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to realize full potential. Since the day we launched, we have been rubbishing armpit detox and transition period, calling them "bro-science". So why does it take longer for some people to see results? Are we buying time to deflect the heat or is there a scientific reason behind it? Let's find out!

Body odour is caused by bacteria. They are a life form. An antibacterial agent is their sworn enemy who is out there to get them. When their survival is threatened by the antibacterial, they fight back by adapting and evolving. They mutate and develop resistance to the tricks of the antibacterial agent. This is precisely the reason why some antibiotics/antibacterials that were effective in the past are not useful anymore.

Bacteria are unicellular organisms. To defeat them, their membrane must be breached. For most people, this breach happens instantly but for some with an evolved strain of bacteria, prolonged exposure becomes a mandate. With prolonged exposure, the antibacterial in Super Deodorant will continue to clobber the bacteria and defeat it by breaking their membrane eventually. The antibacterial in Super Deodorant is an ancient metal. We use a very pure form of medical-grade silver. Bacteria and silver are old acquaintances, yet bacteria have not developed the smarts to survive the submission command of this precious metal.

In ancient civilizations like India and Egypt, silver, copper and alloys such as brass and bronze have been used as utensils in day to day life. These metals kill a wide range of harmful microorganisms easily. Trust in Super Deodorant and don't stop using it just because you don't see results instantly. One full tin is all it takes, in case it does not work right on day one.


Wonderful product, proud to support this company

Debbie April 10, 2021

how long does a tin typically last?

Amy July 07, 2020

Didn’t work for me on day one..but I just kept using it and after 3days I experienced result. It worked! No more stinky armpits lol! All the product promised, worked. Thank you. Super d!

Diwanie Alinabon June 26, 2020

Je suis vraiment satisfaite de ce super déodorant qui garde au sec et au frais toute la journée! Aucune odeur désagréable! Très performant!
Merci à vous! J’adore et je recommande vraiment!

Stéphanie Rodrigue June 23, 2020

Love your deodorant. It works and it does last for 24 hours – even endures extreme heat pickleball play. So… I bought 2 more tins and they have separated a bit, in the heat, i think. Did I see a post about putting them in fridge to thicken it up? I remember something about the heat affecting the texture, consistency but forget what the remedy is! Tks. Ps – do you ship across country? I am considering buying some for my daughter in AB

Deborah June 23, 2020

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