Why is Super Deodorant scent or fragrance-free?

Fragrance Free Natural Deodorant

Earlier today we received a rejection letter from a distributor in Canada. The reason for rejection is the lack of scent options in our natural deodorant and we only have one product. This is not a one-off incident. We experience this with most retailers. We get turned down right away for the same reason. We don't feel bad about it because of the trust and support we receive from our new and existing customers like yourself. Since our launch in January 2020, our presence is steadily growing across Canada and the USA.

The inventor formulated Super Deodorant 10 years ago for a family member going through chemotherapy in a tropical place. She was allergic to many things including scents and fragrances. It worked so well for her that she casually called it a super deodorant. The adjective stuck around and when we decided to turn it into a business, the name Super Deodorant became the obvious choice. We retained the spirit and chemistry of the original formulation the way it was 10 years ago.

By keeping our deodorant scent/fragrance-free, we are making it easily accessible to a wide range of people. Super Deodorant does one thing so well. It takes care of your body odour problem without any side effects. You are the most important part of our journey and thanks for being there for us :).


Super deodorant is super awesome! Magical product that works! I have never had any odor issues since I started Super Deodorant.
I have ordered twice now, efficient service both times. I LOVE that it is a Canadian company most of all and will be your customer forever. I rave you to everyone who I can have a conversation with! So to everyone reading, I am raving this product and give it 10 out of 10 stars!

Dawn November 17, 2021

All natural deodorant I have tried with scents are useless anyways. The scent dissipates in an hour and then it’s just scent free. If it lasted longer I imagine it’s doing more harm then good. Put on your perfume if you want a scent. Keep this scent free please.

Cristian Herrera September 20, 2021

I am a cancer survivor and I really cannot take on any fragrances!! I appreciate this so much. Did you know that all perfumes (not essential oils) are carginogenic ? Maybe this is why cancer patients (after treatments) are so sensitive to these smells??!! Thank you for this safe and effective product.

Marie Stauch January 14, 2021

Best deodorant ever!
React to to many products & scents but this is awesome. No reaction of any kind except no body odour!

Sylvia October 30, 2020

I’ve been on a search to find a product that was natural especially while I was breastfeeding. I love this product ! The way it goes on smooth,and keeps me feeling fresh and confident all day long without and perfume scent .Being a Canadian product is an added bonus

Candice October 30, 2020

I’m sensitive to scents, so a scent-free product was appealing to me. Many office buildings and work places (like hospitals) have a scent-free policy, recognizing that many people have sensitivities or allergies to them. Years ago, I triggered an asthma attack in a dear colleague, all because I’d worn a bit of lavender essential oil. I had no idea she had asthma or that it would trigger her. I haven’t worn a scent since and I’m definitely more mindful now. Thank you for making such a fantastic product that can be worn in any environment! :)

Stephanie October 30, 2020

After years of looking for a decent natural deodorant, I am very happy to have found your product. It does what it says. I love that it is fragrance-free and that you stick to the original formula as much as is possible. Often I’ve found a product that I liked in the past, only to have it discontinued or changed. Keep up the great work!

Tara Van Niekerk October 30, 2020

A big part of the reason I ordered it was because it’s fragrance-free. Without scent, you know it won’t be offensive. If you want to smell like something else, put perfume on. Super Deodorant is perfect just the way it is 🤗 hands down (or up! I’m not worried anymore! lol) the best deodorant I’ve ever used.

Vivian September 11, 2020

It really is a super Deodorant. I’m so amazed at how well it works in this hot summer heat. The only complaint is the container is small and somewhat hard to open. Absolutely love it

Janice August 01, 2020

I honestly cannot believe that I can actually apply deodorant every 2 days, instead of my 2 to 3 times a day. I was skeptical about how well it would work. It is hands down, the best deodorant, I have tried. Over 60 years old & for the 1st time ever, I can even go 3 days without having to reapply. I had ordered 2 so my daughter could try it too. You now have 2 loyal customers iin Nova Scotia. She ordered some more & it arrived very quickly. To the skeptics, order several, save money, you will love it. I love that it’s scent free. Please don’t change a thing. Word of mouth will get you plenty of orders & retailers will regret not having your products on their shelves. I definitely give it a 10 out of 10.

Nora Frotten May 30, 2020

Love this deodorant and the fact that it’s scent free! I’m allergic to scents anyways and a few other things so I love that this deodorant is simple and works well! I used to use a natural deodorant for years but would always have to reapply throughout the day and with this one there’s no need to reapply. It’s simple but works! Love love love

Annie May 30, 2020

I cannot even tell you how good this product works!! I suffer from hyperhydrosis which means I sweat A Lot!! I am constantly on the lookout for a product that works to keep me from smelling bad before I even leave the house. This has been my greatest find in many years! I highly recommend this product. It may not look like much but it works extremely well keeping me fresh all day and night long. The fact that it’s a Canadian product from New Brunswick is the icing on the cake. I’ve been singing its praises to everyone, I’m sure they think I work for the company lol.

Michelle May 30, 2020

I love your Canadian product. Fragrance free was why I tried it!

Lois May 26, 2020

Wow – I can’t believe you only launched in January! I am so satisfied with your product, just the way it is! I’m so thankful I stumbled upon it…I had been searching for something natural and effective. Please don’t change a thing…it’s the best I’ve ever used!!!

Bonnie May 26, 2020

I love your deodorant and I purchased it because it was fragrance free. Keep it the way it is. Use social media to advertise.

Daniele May 26, 2020

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