Why must you stop using aluminum based deodorants?

Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant for Women

Aluminum toxicity is a controversial topic. The scientific community resorts to non-answers like politicians. They never give a definitive answer on the ill effects. One group says it causes cancer, autism, Alzheimer's etc and the other group says there isn't enough evidence! For the consumer, this could be very confusing. This is a gray area worth avoiding.

Aluminum is present in everything you use every day. It's a long list that includes water, coffee maker, cookware, medications, antiperspirant, deodorants, etc. You can avoid exposure if you live like a hermit, but that's impractical. The best you could do is minimize exposure by making small lifestyle changes, starting with your deodorant.

Aluminum is neither an antibacterial agent nor is it a deodorizer. In commercial antiperspirants and deodorants, it is used as a plug. It plugs into your pores and prevents sweating. Sweating is a very important bodily function and obstructing it is unhealthy. There is no need to use this controversial ingredient in deodorants as it has no meaningful purpose. 

A clean natural deodorant like Super Deodorant is a safe alternative. It is aluminum-free and does the job without creating side effects. The active ingredients in Super Deodorant prevent the growth of body odour causing bacteria without changing the pH of your skin. By doing so, it performs more efficiently than any aluminum-based deodorant you've used. Now is the best time to make the switch.

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