How to extend the shelf life of your Super Deodorant?

Super Deodorant is a very pure natural deodorant. It only contains ingredients that are essential to stop body odour without side effects. Because of the chemistry of its composition, Super Deodorant has a shelf life of six months.

When you purchase multiple containers, please secure the spare containers in an airtight bag and store them in the freezer until you need them.

When to store Super Deodorant in the freezer?

Always store the spare tins in the freezer in an airtight bag.

When to store Super Deodorant in the refrigerator?

Many long-term users get 3 to 8 months out of one 25 gram container of Super Deodorant. If you are one of them, please store the tin in the refrigerator after daily use.


I did a test where I went 72 hours and still no smell. I am sold on this product. I cant wait to try it out on my teenage son.

Alana Flynn May 15, 2024

I was using a different natural deodorant for several years. It was coconut oil based and I was constantly reapplying and it unfortunately stained my shorts. Essential oils don’t actually smell great if you are actively perspiring.

I was shocked that I had to apply Super Deodorant once in the morning and I was good to go. I kept doing a sniff test and I was stink free!

Highly, highly recommend!

Anna M. April 01, 2024

Thank you for this info. Very valuable. It is the best deodorant made! I love it!

Suzanne March 26, 2024

I store them in the freezer months at a time without any issues.

Isabelle Drolet March 09, 2024

Thanks for this info. I, like Gay, only purchased one as I wasn’t sure of the shelf life of the product. Now, when I run out, I’ll certainly be buying more and taking advantage of the discounts.

Great product!
Thank you

Barbara March 24, 2023

Good to know this now. I was considering not buying more because of the short shelf life. I am one who would use one container in five to six months. Thanks for your post.

Gay Allen July 23, 2022

This explains why my extras changed consistency and are no longer usable. I wish I would have known this when I purchased multiples.

Annoyed July 23, 2022

Oh dear, I’ve been storing mine in the fridge but have not had any problems… far!

Sandra July 22, 2022

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