Summer tips & tricks to stop underarm body odour with natural deodorant

Best long lasting natural deodorant for summer

To get the most out of your natural deodorant, avoid deodorant fatigue and get 24+ hours of coverage against body odour, consider the following suggestions.


Take a shower at least once a day. Unless you have a physically demanding profession, the purpose of taking a shower every day is to regulate body temperature rather than wash off the dirt. You will experience mental and physical clarity and vigour as a result. If you are camping and have no access to running water, clean your underarms with a washcloth once a day and apply the deodorant. In the future, we will do a scientific exclusive on showering. 

Apply the deodorant properly 

Gently rub the deodorant onto your armpit in a circular motion and cover the entire armpit. Do not apply the deodorant as a dot or vertical or horizontal line and expect it to spread itself. It won't work.

Most times Super Deodorant fails to perform as intended because it is not applied properly. Please try not to be repulsed by your underarms. Just because a place smells a certain way doesn't mean it is dirty. Here is how I use my Super Deodorant. I simply touch the deodorant with the base of my index finger and split whatever sticks to my index finger between my underarms. On labour-intensive days, I always apply the deodorant one inch beyond the hair-bearing area of my underarms.


Use an acid peel once a week or every two weeks to exfoliate. Choose a routine that works best for you after trying both. Based on your skin type and tolerance, use an AHA, BHA, PHA or a mix of the three. Exfoliating your underarms is not mandatory. Incorporate exfoliation into your self-care routine only if Super Deodorant doesn't provide 24-hour coverage frequently and if your skin cell turnover is slow. We do not recommend physical exfoliation.


Shave your underarms at least twice a month or weekly. It's a good idea to exfoliate before shaving to prevent possible razor bumps and ingrown hair. Again, shaving is not a mandate. Shave only if your Super Deodorant is not performing consistently. 

Colour and texture change 

Super Deodorant is a natural product created without binders. The product will therefore separate. Performance won't be affected, though. I have been using Super Deodorant for the past 12 years and it works consistently irrespective of the way it looks. Continue to use the product as usual.

Keep stains at bay

Super Deodorant will stain your clothes if it is applied excessively or is not properly massaged into your skin or if the texture of your underarm hair traps too much product like a paintbrush. If your deodorant is getting transferred to your clothes or bras, reduce the amount of deodorant applied to each underarm by half, rub it in thoroughly and wait a minute or two before putting on your shirt. If the staining is because of underarm hair, try using less product and observe. If it continues to stain, you will have to choose between your underarm fashion and your clothes. Deodorant waste gets all over our production coats and cleaning aprons every day. To thoroughly clean them off, we use a regular detergent and hot water. It consistently works every time. We will probably create a visual post about this topic at some point.


Always store the spare tins in your fridge or freezer after securing them in an airtight bag for longer shelf life.

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I love your product. I spent YEARS trying natural deodorants, do detoxes (food+pit), I eat a clean diet free of any processed foods, dairy, wheat, sugar, etc. And had not found anything REMOTELY superior to this product. I only sweat or have ‘issues’ when I don’t wear the product and this is only on occasion in the summer. I challenge anyone to find a product as CLEAN + actually natural as this (please ensure you understand the science and truth to marketing scams) that is this good. And in this price point. I fully support this company and tell everyone about it. THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT. Lol

Astara Astare July 15, 2022

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