Stress sweat, anxiety sweat and body odour.

stress sweat and body odour - how to stop stress sweat

The average temperature of the human body is 98.6°F. Temperature fluctuations of up to 1°F are considered normal. Body temperature drops slightly when you are sedentary. When you perform activities such as climbing a mountain or going for a walk, your body temperature will rise. When the body becomes overheated, it produces sweat to cool itself. Sweat from the apocrine gland will develop an odour in the absence of a deodorant.

Besides physical activities, conditions such as stress, anxiety, obesity, hormones, bacterial and viral infections are some of the other factors that increase your body temperature and make you sweat more. Bacterial and viral infections are in fact one of the most common causes of elevated body temperature. When the body detects a bacterial or viral infection, it raises its temperature and increases the blood flow involuntarily to fight off the infection.

Similarly, when you face threats or external pressure, your body becomes stressed, which leads to anxiety. Stress and anxiety cause an increase in body temperature or a low-grade fever called psychogenic fever in some individuals because of increased metabolism. As a result, you may sweat more than usual, which may result in body odour if the deodorant you are wearing has reached equilibrium or is easily washed away.

Why does stress sweat smell intense and how to stop body odour?

Apocrine sweat resulting from stress and anxiety has the same composition as regular, everyday sweat. The main difference is the amount you sweat under these conditions. When you are stressed or anxious, you will naturally sweat more. If you find yourself in stressful situations and if your everyday deodorant isn't covering you, it must have reached equilibrium. You can easily prevent Super Deodorant from attaining equilibrium by following the suggestions below,

  • Start the day with a refreshing shower and wear deodorant.
  • Keep your armpit hair trimmed.
  • Exfoliate your armpits once or twice every month using an AHA, BHA or PHA. For detailed information, read this - why and how to exfoliate?
  • Drink enough water and take it easy.

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Kate August 05, 2022

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