Is your Super Deodorant runny, gritty, oily and looks different every time?

Best fragrance free natural deodorant for sensitive skin - Coconut free natural deodorant

Is the oil in your Super Deodorant separating? Is it gritty and unsettling to the eyes? Are you wondering if the formula has changed? Continue reading. You will have decided whether to stay or look for a new product by the end. In any case, we want you to be fully informed about Super Deodorant.

The higher purpose

Super Deodorant is a specialty product that serves a specific purpose. It is a coconut and fragrance-free natural deodorant that is also free of aluminum, baking soda, essential oils and any form of fragrance. 

Its purpose is to serve as a reliable solution for those who have had poor luck with other deodorants and antiperspirants. This includes people with allergies and extreme skin sensitivities, importantly fragrance and coconut allergies. 

The coconut conundrum 

The formula and chemistry of Super Deodorant have not changed.

We formulate Super Deodorant without ingredients that give mainstream products their luxurious look and feel. Mainstream products employ emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers, gums or carbomers to stabilize the formulation, disperse the ingredients evenly and prevent them from separating when subjected to temperature variations. 

We don't use stabilizers like emulsifiers because the most effective ones are either derived from coconut or animals. We won't use both as they are not suitable for our brand's value and purpose. The value being vegan and cruelty-free.

The downside is that the deodorant may not look the same all the time. The oil may separate and float on top, or the non-nano powders could clump up and feel gritty and the consistency may range from a soft serve to a thick putty, especially when exposed to temperature variations in transit. When this happens, the product may look yellowish-green or greenish-grey based on the environmental conditions. Grape seed oil is yellowish green in colour and please don’t mistake it for the paint on the canister. No temperature change in transit can dissolve or chip the paint. None of this means that your deodorant has gone bad or rancid. Super Deodorant contains a healthy dose of tocopherol to prevent rancidity. We also ensure that on any given day, the shelf life of each ingredient used in the formulation of a batch of Super Deodorant is greater than or equal to 12 months.

Looks vs Performance

Irrespective of the looks and the texture, Super Deodorant will get the job done without rashes, bumps and stained clothing. If the deodorant is transferring to your clothes, chances are that you are applying the product in excess or not rubbing it well and allowing it to dry. If you are experiencing deodorant fatigue, read this first.

Only when the actives in Super Deodorant reach equilibrium will it stop working. This will only happen when it mixes with proteins. The canister contains no protein. So, please, don't confuse appearance and performance. It's a scientific impossibility.

Let's set aside the coconut allergy group for a moment. Let's make a silky smooth Super Deodorant with emulsifiers and other additives. But first, let us warn you that there is a catch.

One of Super Deodorant's main advantages is its long-lasting power. It is an anhydrous product that will not be washed away by sweat or swimming. To get it off the skin, give it a good scrub in the shower. Emulsifiers have a water-loving hydrophilic end and a water-hating hydrophobic end. While the water-hating end will stabilize the formulation by holding all eight ingredients together, the water-loving end will allow the product to be easily washed away. Let's experiment. Apply lotion to your forearm and hold the forearm under running tap water for 3 to 4 minutes and see what happens.  

The non-nano love & the gritty texture hate

For Super Deodorant to be effective, the active and base ingredients must sit on top of live skin and not penetrate it. To accomplish this, we keep the formulation free of nanoparticles. We procure minerals such as zinc oxide and salts such as magnesium hydroxide as coarse powders even though finer forms are available. These characteristics make Super Deodorant stay longer on your skin and keep odour at bay.

From our end, we have found the following ways to remediate the texture inconsistency,

  • We can replace tinplate canisters with airtight jars made from recycled/reclaimed plastic waste. We can offer Super Deodorant in a larger size as these jars will prevent oxidation. The main disadvantage of this change is that we will no longer be able to offer free shipping; however, you will be able to use a faster shipping method and receive your product with consistent texture.
  • Next year, we may release a luxuriously silky variant of Super Deodorant with some additional superpowers. Keep an eye out for our pre-order newsletters.

If you are not convinced by this explanation, think about natural peanut butter. Why does every jar have oil separating and floating on top? We sincerely appreciate your support thus far and we hope to continue serving you for a long time to come.


This is the ONLY natural deodorant that I have used that works on me without making me breaking out in a raw, painful rash. I have tried approximately 16 brands. I have no problems with the colour, consistency so please so not change anything about it :o)

If you ever decided to expand your line, an exfoliator for hyperpigmentation would be amazing!

I love your informative newsletters so keep them coming!

Leeanne April 01, 2022

Please don’t change! This is the only stuff that works for me! I recommend it to all of my friends.

Dottie April 01, 2022

Please don’t switch to plastic! I love you just the way you are! I just use a popsicle stick to swirl everything back together and pop it in the freezer overnight. Easy peasy. This is, hands down, THE BEST natural, vegan deodorant on the market and as a bonus, the most affordable!

Dana Patterson April 01, 2022

I have tried almost every brand of non aluminum deodorant on the market, and no comparison, this stuff is the BOSS! I have had gritty Super Deodorant and I have had oil-separated soft serve, each when stirred and mixed, accomplishes the same amazing deodorant capability! As a pharmacist, I am totally fascinated and impressed by the choice of ingredients. The company has always been very receptive to all questions I have asked (including many answered above). As a wearer, I am continually impressed by how well it works. One tin has lasted at least a month so there is great value for purchase. Would I prefer to not rub it in by hand…sure, if that ever becomes possible. Congratulations on making such an outstanding product!! (Oh, and double pride for being Canadian!)

Shelley April 01, 2022

I can deal with the creamier texture only because its the only think that actually works. I would love a scent option. I understand why you don’t but adding a scent would be awesome

Danielle April 01, 2022

Love the product and I wouldn’t change a thing except to prevent it from going rancid. I find that I don’t need much for it to be effective. I had a home and summer house tin going last summer, and I just threw out the remaining portion of the one I had at the summer house because it had gone rancid. It made my armpits itch, and it had a bad smell. Since that’s the only downside I don’t really want a larger size. I ordered 10 and keep them in the fridge. That should be enough to last me about 5 years! I’m not sure they’ll last that long even in the fridge. I’ll order a smaller quantity next time, but I do absolutely love the product!

Vic April 01, 2022

I love this deodorant exactly as is! I actually love the compact size. I occasionally notice a small pocket of oil but it’s never bothered me. Please don’t get rid of the free shipping – it’s what makes the product affordable for me!

Marcia April 01, 2022

I love the product and I don’t have a problem with separation, as the peanut butter analogy goes it can be remedied by mixing it.

However, my last order came separated and the oil seeped out of the tin and mixed with the ink or paint on the outside of the tin and there was yellow ink in the product itself. It was bright yellow like the tin and not a natural colour variation or oxidization issue. It ruined the product, and would have ruined the bag they were in if it wasn’t plastic. I would suggest the tins aren’t travel friendly at all and the packaging badly needs a rethink as proposed.

Katie April 02, 2022

I love love this product! Best deodorant ever. I would absolutely love a bigger container. But first on my wish list would be a stick version. Or a cream in a stick form. Somedays I don’t love rubbing it into my pits with my fingers. However I’m hooked and will be getting it either way.

Michelle April 01, 2022

Love the deodorant, everything else has not worked/given horrible rashes on my super sensitive skin. Have experienced some liquidy-ness you mentioned but don’t mind. Definitely don’t want it in newer bigger containers and no more free shipping. I’m happy with it exactly how it is! :)

Erin April 01, 2022

I love this product, I just received my new order, I think it’s my fourth order! For me, you don’t need to change a thing, but my husband wants a stick version. He still uses it, because it works! Options may be nice for those that want them. I love the little tins personally. They travel well and take up no space in my toiletries bag ❤️

Katy April 01, 2022

I’d be willing to pay for shipping if it meant getting a larger container.

Suzanne April 01, 2022

Oil on top, gritty texture, who cares! It works better than anything out there, don’t change!

Chase April 01, 2022

I love your product and it works so well. Please don’t change a thing!

Brenda April 01, 2022

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