Adjusting to natural deodorant

Adjusting to natural deodorant

Adjusting to a natural deodorant is easy when the expectations are clear and realistic. Most people switch to natural deodorant as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Social media in the past decade has become an aggressive advocate for natural products. Synthetic deodorants are toxic and natural alternatives are clean and wholesome is a general notion. Whatever your belief may be, we want to make your switch to a natural deodorant like Super Deodorant is sustainable in the long term.

Manage your expectations

Mainstream deodorants, even the cheaper products are well presented. Irrespective of their performance, these deodorants consistently look and feel the same all year. Even when these products go through drastic temperature variations, the ingredients don't separate. Thanks to the emulsifiers, stabilizers and gums present in them. Besides the luxurious look and feel, these additives don't improve a deodorant's performance.

An anhydrous natural deodorant like Super Deodorant is void of these additives. Because of this very reason, our product may change in texture when subjected to temperature variations in transit and look ordinary. However, the good news is that the exclusion of these additives make Super Deodorant an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. Especially those with coconut and fragrance allergies.

The change in texture might make you wonder if you have received a bad batch or whether we have changed the formula. The reality is that there are no bad batches and we can't change the formula just like that. Performance is not influenced by the texture but by the chemistry of the formulation. As long as Super Deodorant sticks and sits on your live skin, it will stop body odour.

Stop smelling the deodorant 

Super Deodorant is a fragrance-free natural deodorant. Meaning, it is not unscented and does not contain essential oils, flavour oils or perfume of any kind. Therefore the product will smell like the ingredients present in the formulation, predominantly rice bran wax. It doesn't matter how it smells in the container, Super Deodorant will get the job done. So, please stop smelling the deodorant and assume it will be ineffective.

The product will go rancid when stored improperly. You can avoid it by following our storage suggestions.

Deodorant fatigue is real

There are twenty amino acids. Nineteen out of these twenty don't interfere with Super Deodorant, except Cysteine. The main active ingredient in our formulation will reach equilibrium quicker when it binds itself with the sulphur side chain of this particular amino acid. Meaning, the natural deodorant will wear out faster than usual.

If Super Deodorant suddenly stops covering you for 24-hours, this could be the reason. Cysteine is present in dead skin cells and if your skin cell turnover slows down, the dead skin cells won't shed quickly, leading to deodorant fatigue. Now you know why we suggest you exfoliate with an AHA. Also, if your underarm hyperpigmentation or dark spot treatment creams contain Cysteine, you will face the same problem.

We have invented an advanced formulation that will remove/reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation while working as a deodorant and a head-to-toe moisturizing lotion. More on it later. If you are interested, let us know in the comments below and we will build content around it to keep you in the loop.

Armpit detox

There is no nice way to say this. The entire detox concept is phoney baloney aimed at up-selling products that offer no real value. They are nothing but a facial for your underarms. That's all. They will not make your deodorant start working faster. 

Please save your money and buy yourself an exotic fruit or something more satisfying. 

Don't play lymph doctor 

Lymph nodes may swell when your body is fighting off an infection. All human beings experience it at regular intervals. Most swellings come and go on their own with or without deodorant. However, if they are way too frequent, please seek medical help. Do not self-medicate/self-diagnose or massage it with essential oils.

The same goes for pimples and bumps. They could be a one-off reaction with no real underlying cause. However, if they don't go away, stop using the natural deodorant as you may be allergic to something in it.

You can avoid the mess

We often hear that applying Super Deodorant with the fingers is a messy experience. You can avoid this with a minor adjustment. Do not poke the deodorant with your finger or scoop it with your fingernail. Instead, use the base of your index finger and swipe the deodorant or touch the deodorant. Apply whatever sticks to it to your body. Should you need more product, swipe or touch the deodorant again, repeat the process.

Be comfortable with your body

Super Deodorant contains a very effective antibacterial agent. Any region of your body touched by Super Deodorant will be the cleanest. So don't gross out while applying the deodorant to your underarms or nether areas.

Cloth stains can be avoided

We employ a laborious law of physics while manufacturing Super Deodorant. This technique creates a cationic property and helps the deodorant stick to your skin well. However, if you apply the product in excess and forget to rub it well, it will transfer to your clothes. You can wash it off easily with any detergent.

If you have hairy armpits, make sure you don't apply the deodorant to the hair but the skin underneath and rub well. Hair is like a paintbrush. It is porous and will trap the product, which in turn will transfer to your clothing.

Some fabrics trap body odour

Certain fabrics will trap body odour because of their weave pattern. They act as a wick and trap sweat in their inner layers. If your natural deodorant isn't covering you well, take off your shirt and smell your underarm first after 5 minutes. If your underarm is odourless, you know where the problem is. Super Deodorant will not remove odour from fabric as it sits on your skin.

Free shipping is not a fine print

We love offering free shipping as a standard operating model. This service from Canada Post does not come with tracking or a delivery timeline/assurance. Nevertheless, this model makes Super Deodorant affordable to many. Our website communicates how free shipping works and what to expect.

You will not be able to avail free shipping without consenting to our terms of service during checkout. Once the package is handed over to Canada Post, even they don't have the ability to track it. It will come when it comes and that's the reality of this service.

whole body natural deodorant for sensitive skin

Please go through the free shipping page and inform yourself about how free shipping works. Should you not agree to our service model or be running out of Super Deodorant and want it faster, we sincerely request you to pay and avail tracked shipping. 

The best practice one could follow while availing free shipping is to send in the order at least 45-60 business days in advance. This way, if the package reaches you in 2 to 15 business days, you could store it in the freezer or if it takes longer than usual, you will still have enough deodorant from your previous order. The future of free shipping as a service relies on you and us seeing eye to eye and working together.

Adjusting to a natural deodorant is not rocket science. Often the simplicity of a product or service may not be appealing to the senses. However, when you inform yourself with facts and know what you are getting into, your switch to a natural deodorant or sustaining the new lifestyle will be as simple as breathing.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Stay Super!



I’m interested of your product about how to reduce/lighten dark underarms.

Janet December 31, 2021

Thank you for your common sense approach to body odour; it is like a breath of fresh air!

Jo December 24, 2021

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